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   Annie is a Broadway musical based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip Little Orphan Annie, with music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin, and the book by Thomas Meehan. The original Broadway production opened in 1977 and ran for nearly six years, setting a record for the Alvin Theatre (now the Neil Simon Theatre).[1] It spawned numerous productions in many countries, as well as national tours, and won the Tony Award for Best Musical. The musical's songs "Tomorrow" and "Hard-Knock Life" are among its most popular musical numbers.   (Source wikipedia)





Friday,Nov 9 at  8 pm

Saturday, Nov 10 at 2 pm and 8 pm

Sunday, Nov 11 at 2 pm

Edmund Keefe Auditorium, Nashua NH

Production Team

  • Artistic Director Dana Siegal
  • Music Director Donna Tongue
  • Choreographer Alice Pascucci
  • Lead Producer  Steve Pierpont
  • Co-Producers Crystal Lewis, Gretchen Gray
  • Technical Director Dennis Schneider
  • Lighting Designer Craig Brennan, Dennis Schneider
  • Sound Designer Mike O'Keefe
  • Set Designer John McAllister
  • Costumer Cherie Prior
  • Properties Gretchen Gray, Michelle Jones
  • Publicity Evelynn Decker, Mike Ryder
  • Cast Photography Mike Ryder
  • Program Jennifer Morton
  • Tickets *Kerry Schneider, Evelynn Decker, Dave Miller
  • Lighting Crew Dave Nelson, Paul Metzger, John Franzini, Rick Brooks
  • Sound Crew Micheal D. O'Keefe, Michael C. O'Keefe
  • Costume Assistants Laura Prior, Tina Cassidy, Lindsay Vago,  Lorraine Louie, Crystal Lewis
  • Set Builders John McAllister (chair), Bill Wenrich, Rachel Scott, Don LaDuke, Tom Ritrovato, Ken Michaels, Matt Kendall, Rod Conrad, Larry Doiron, Joe Reilly, Chur Thomp, Helena Horan, Joe Vago
  • Spot Operators Bill Wenrich, Joe Reilly
  • Stage Crew Lou Duhammel, Paul Metzger, Tina Cassidy, Barb Amaral, Anita Kelly, Tim Vincent
  • House Manager Ellie Risley
  • Poster Design Llyod Goodwin
  • Ad Sales Jennifer Morton
  • Rehearsal Accompanist Dan Khabbaz
  • Hair Jessica Scalese
  • Afterglow Valerie Levesque
  • Lobby Display Evelynn Decker Mike Ryder
  • Concessions Jennifer Morton
  • Ushers Donald Risley. Ellie Risley, Deb Risteen, Deb Waltz
  • Subscriptions Kerry Schneider
  • T-shirts Tim Lord
  • Audition Board Amy Friedman(chair), Dana Siegal, Donna Tongue, Alice Pascussi, Steve Pierpont, Craig Brennan, Beth Kennedy
  • Audition Helpers Gretchen Gray, Crystal Lewis, Donna O'Bryant Metzger, Val Psoinos
  • Audition Accompanist Ernie Houle


  • Violin Robin Warren
  • Cello Gary Hodges
  • Bass C.J. Poole
  • Reeds Rob Daisy, Art Bakopolus, Suellen Davidson, Linda True
  • Trumpet Craig Neth
  • Trombone Ed Stromsky
  • Keyboard Dan Khabbaz
  • Drums/Percussion Judy Bruneau


The Orphanage
  • Annie    Julia Yameen
  • Molly    Grace Conard
  • Kate       Sarah Scott
  • Tessie   Gabrielle White
  • Duffy     Nicole Plummer
  • July        Kayla Joyce
  • Pepper    Alexis "Lexi" Jones-Guillemette
Additional Orphans
  • Azwlba (Zel) Vienna Scott
  • Becky    Emily Risteen
  • Amanda               Brooke McLaughlin
  • Chloe    Chloe Metaxotos
  • Ellen      Mary Grabowski
  • Ginger  Caroline Pack
  • Noel      Juliann Risteen
  • Vivian   Hayleigh Scott


  • Miss Hannigan  Kerry Schneider
  • Rooster Hannigan Ed Siegal
  • Lily St. Regis Micky Molongski
  • Bundles McCloskey Marc Murai


Daddy Warbucks Home
  • Oliver Warbucks Don LaDuke
  • Grace Farrell  Rachel Scott
  • Drake Craig Plummer
  • Mrs. Greer Sarah Vasques
  • Ms. Pugh Martha Daniels Holland
  • Cecille Kathy LeClair
  • Annette Nicole Ste Croix
  • Cedric   Allan Hunter
Featured House Staff/ Dancers
  •     Martha Daniels Holland
  •     Jordan Freidman
  •      Elizabeth "Lizzie" Krahenbuhl
  •      Kathy LeClair*
  •      Rosemary Mulvey
  •      Donna O'Bryant Metzger
  •      Stephanie Ross-Sauri
  •       Nicole Ste Croix*


The Presidents World
  • Franklin D Roosevelt Ben Pascucci
  • Howard Ickes    Marc Murai
  • Frances Perkins                Nicki Calisto
  • Cordell Hull Allan Hunter
  • Henry Morgenthau Tim Vincent
  • Louis Howe Bill Mauser
  • Justice Brandeis Greg Chastain
  • Marine Guard   Matt Kendall
  • G-Men Rob Coughlin & Tim Vincent


The Radio Station
  • Bert Healy Derek DeMarco
  • Sound Effects Man Matt Kendall
  • Fred McCracken  Rob Coughlin
  • Wacky  Rob Coughlin
  • Producer Whitney LeBlanc
  • Ronnie Boylan  Donna Metzger
  • Bonnie Boylan  Amy Agostino
  • Connie Boylan  Lauren Freidman
  • Jimmy Johnson/Announcer        Bill Mauser


Around Town / Hooverville
  • Lt. Ward           Ben Pascucci
  • Apple Seller     Rob Coughlin
  • Dog Catcher     Tim Vincent
  • Sandy    MiniMe
Hooverville Featured Dancers
  •   Bill Mauser
  •   Diane Iwaskiewicz
  •   Allan Hunter
  •   Ben Morton
  •   Greg Chastain
  •   Lauren Freidman
  •   Elizabeth "Lizzie" Krahenbuhl
  •   Derek DeMarco
  •   Sonya Walcott
  •   Whitney LeBlanc
  •   Pam Bruckman
  •   Nicki Calisto
  •   Greg Chastain
  •   Jennifer Daniele
  •    Isabella "Bella" DeLorenzo
  •    Sarah Desaulniers
  •    Lauren Freidman
  •    Diana Hill
  •    Mary Holland
  •    Helena Horan
  •    Matt Kendall
  •     Brianna Lopez
  •    Ed Siegal
  •    Gail Ward


New York City (NYC)
  • A Star To Be        Laura Prior
NYC Featured Dancers
  •     Amy Agostino
  •     Lauren Freidman
  •     Allan Hunter
  •     Martha Daniels Holland
  •     Elizabeth "Lizzie" Krahenbuhl
  •     Kathy LeClair
  •     Donna O'Bryant Metzger
  •     Rosemary Mulvey
  •     Stephanie Ross-Sauri
  •     Vienna Scott
  •      Nicole Ste Croix
  •     Sarah Vasques
  •      Ensemble