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Proposed By Law Changes

The 2018-19 By Laws committee has presented to the Actorsingers Board of Directors and Membership their proposed updates and improvements for the Actorsingers By Laws.

Final Version for Review


For background and review:


Voting details

From the President, Lindsay Vago:

Actorsingers' will be holding a special meeting August 6th, 2019  beginning promptly at 7 pm to vote on the proposed bylaw changes.  This special meeting will be proceeding our monthly board meeting.  The proposed bylaw changes have been posted on the website (bylaw).  You have two options for voting: come in person to cast your vote or mail in your vote.  The bylaw committee has crafted proposed changes that directly reflect our current workings of the organization.  I am sure that each person may have components that they would like changed however there was ample time this spring to address those issues.  At this time we will be voting on the proposed bylaw changes as a whole.  As needed this is a standing committee that can address additional bylaw changes and is welcoming new members.  

Directions for mailed in vote:
1) Print out the below voting ballot.
2) Seal this ballot in an unmarked envelope.
3) Put the unmarked envelope in another envelope addressed to PO Box 91 Nashua, NH 03061.  Do not directly mail to the hall.  
It is important that the addressed envelope clearly states your name as we will need to verify that you are a member prior to counting your vote.  

It is highly suggested that all mail is sent no later than August 1st to ensure that it reaches our PO Box by August 6th

Voting Ballot 

Actorsingers' Ballot:
To cast a vote circle your vote below :
I am voting in favor of the bylaw changes
I am voting in opposition of the bylaw changes