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Hello Rock of Ages Cast and Production Team,

With many recent Actorsingers shows we have implemented a fun promotional event called “In The Spotlight Series”.  The series includes posting stories about the cast and crew on the Actorsingers news and Actorsingers Facebook page. In the spotlight has proven to be extremely popular and we would like to create the series for Rock of Ages.

The twist for Rock of Ages is we thought it would be fun to write your story in character!  If you are on production team then you do you :)

Participating in the "Character" spotlight series is completely optional so if you don’t feel comfortable writing a story that will posted on A/S Facebookwebsite and other A./S social media outlooks along with your character headshot don’t feel you need to participate.



Thanks for bringing your talents to this show and we look forward to your stories. We will start posting 1-2 stories a day on or before Monday October 17. 

Thanks!,  Evelynn


If you wish to upload a word, txt or pdf doc instead of typing your story, simply just enter "doc" for the next 2 required questions, then scroll to bottom of form. Once you hit next >>, the upload doc window will appear.