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Eric R. Eastman

Eric Eastman (Lance Hoover) has been portraying a kaleidoscope of notably diverse and complex characters on the stages of NE for nearly 20 years. Eric has carried lead, supporting lead, character and ensemble roles for Nashua area audiences for the last 10 years. Having always enjoyed and appreciated the many opportunities to create character with which he has been entrusted, he hopes each performance will memorably resonate in the mind and heart of each observer. Eric wishes to dedicate his efforts throughout the production of this splendid and very personal play to his infant son, Aidan Robert.

1 show crew (1 listings)
4 shows cast
4 shows total

Boomers 2004

Lance Hoover

Set Painting

Phantom 1999

Young Carriere
Actors Ensemble

The Sound of Music 1997

Captain Von Trapp

Follies 1995

Young Ben

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