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NHTA Theatre Hero Award

In order to recognize all those special unsung people who make theatre "happen" but are ineligible for the standard "adjudicated" awards, the NHTA has implemented the "Theate Hero" award.

Participating NHTA theatre companies select one of their own whom they deem deserving of acknowledment for their contributions to the company and theatre at large.  The individual companies can use whatever criteria and selection process they deem appropriate for selecting their siubmission for receipt of this recognition.

This is not a nomination process.  Nor is this adjudicated by the NHTA.  

ALL submissions (maximum of 1 per company per season) will be recognized.


1st year  -  Theatre Hero Jan 2015 NHTA  Awards Ceremony - Kerry Schneider  

2nd Year  - Theatre Hero Jan 2016 NHTA  Awards Ceremony - Evelynn Decker

3rd Year  - Theatre Hero Jan 2017 NHTA  Awards Ceremony - Chuck Emmons  

4th Year  -  Theatre Hero Jan 2018 NHTA  Awards Ceremony - Chuck Emmons

5th Year  - Theatre Hero Jan 2019 NHTA  Awards Ceremony - Evelynn Decker

6th Year - Theatre Hero Jan 2020 NHTA  Awards Ceremony - Chris Wenrich