The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Naughty Marietta (1956)

Good Shepherd Parish House
November 12 and 13, 1956

The Actorsingers of Nashua Present
Victor Herbert's

Book by Rida Johnson Young

(Produced by arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library of New York)

Special Program with Notes about the Principal Artists in the Cast $0.10

Dramatis Personae

(in order of appearance)

Night Watchman Carl Cudhea

Flower Girls

Felice Beth Tebbetts

Annice Virginia Smith

Nanette Arlene Annis

Angelique Marcelle Robichaud

Fanchon Betty DerManoogian

Sacristan William J. Baybutt

First Vender Tommy Bodnar

Second Vender Karl Henry

Sister Linda Charron

Convent Maids Joanne Tally, Leanne Hutchins, Susan Veitch, Anne Priest, Leslie Parker

Etienne Grandet, son of Lieut. Governor Lionel Boucher

Adah, a Quadroon Slave Lili Boyatsis

Town Crier George Cox

Pirates Jon Vore, Jerre Longfellow

Capt. Ricard Warrington, an American known as Capt. Dick Albert Bedard

Sir Harry Blake, an Irish adventurer Larry Veitch

Silas Slick, Capt. Dick's right hand man Leonard Rule

Lizette, a Casquette maid Ethel Shenton Jones

An Indian Ralph Wright

Lieut. Governor Grandet Thomas W. Butt

Florenze, secretary to the Lieut. Governor Sidney Tally, Jr.

Marietta D'Altena Marietta Vore

Rudolfo, keeper of Marionette Theatre George Niles

Graziella, his daughter Marcelle Robichaud

Lacheys Jon Vore, Jerre Longfellow

Flower Girls, Casquette Maids, Belles of the Ball Arlene Annis, Beth Tebbetts, Eva Levesque, Blanche Fortier, Barbara Munroe, Zoya Shlakis, Marcelle Robichaud, Virginia Smith, Betty DerManoogian, Helen Kiratsous, Ariel Richards, Louise Stulgis, Kathryn Wiggin, Constance Wood

Street Sweepers, Beggars, Capt. Dick's Followers, Men of the Court Ralph Gould, Richard Doyle, Herbert Vore, Jr., Harold Annis, Michael Hoitt, Albin Tamulonis, James Burns, Robert Goss, Carl Cudhea


We wish to thank our many friends for helping to make this production possible. Especially do we thank the Rector, Wardens and Vestry, and Johnson's Electric.


Producer and Director James A. Wood

Assistant to the Producer and Business Administrator Ethel Shenton Jones

Accompanist Jo Millett and Alice Ohlson Lavoy

Stage Crew Robert Hoitt, Carroll Leone, Stephen Hoitt, George Cox

Décor and Scene Painting Damarais Bradley

Scene Construction and Props John Hess, George Hambleton, Carroll Leone, James Longfellow, Sr., William J. Baybutt, George Cox, Bob and Eileen Hoitt

Costumes Hooker-Howe Costume Co., Haverhill; Beth Tebbetts, Barbara Hess

Wardrobe Administrator Phyllis Hjelm

Make-up Mrs. Lloyd Ware

Properties and Set Decoration Ora Travis, Alice Pembroke

Tickets Amy Lavoie, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Pembroke, Mrs. A.J. Carter

Language Consultant Marcelle Robichaud

Photographer Ralph Wright

House Herb and Alice Pembroke


Monday Mrs. Minerva Veitch, Lillian Dragon, Joan Bales, Margaret Tamulonis

Tuesday Lorraine Collins, Minerva Veitch, Dorothy Boucher, Roberta Doyle

Refreshments Mrs. B. Brewster, Mrs. G. Flewelling, Mrs. D. St. Hilaire, Mrs. R. Poirier, Miss M. Fromant, Mrs. T.J. Cummings, Miss M. Langston, Miss E. Guest, Mrs. R. Kirkwood, Mrs. R.C. Allen, Jr., Chairman Unit IX

Synopsis of Scenes

Act I    Place D'Armes, early morning

(Intermission of 10 minutes between acts)

Act II
   Scene 1   Marionette Theatre
   Scene 2   Jeunesse Club, evening of the ball

Place of Action — New Orleans
Period of Action — 1780

Popcorn will be sold by the Ushers during intermissions. Coffee and Soda Pop will be sold in the lounge, where smoking is also permitted.