The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Kiss Me, Kate (1965)

Senior High School
December 3-4, 1965

Production Co-ordinator Harry Makris

Dramatics Director Pat Rochette

Music Conductor Steve Norris

Choreographer Mary Makris

Chorus Directors Clare Farr & Betty Callahan

Rehearsal Accompanists Clare Farr & Eleanor Hunter

Cast of Characters

Fred Graham Frank Harvey

Harry Trevor Richard Pudlo

Lois Lane Peggy Cronk

Ralph (Stage Manager) Tom Gill

Lilli Vanessi Terry Hauser

Hattie Francesca Bosowski

Stage Doorman Bud Annis

Paul Howard Denton

Bill Calhoun Dave Hammond

Cab Driver John Logan

First Gangster Sam Curtis

Second Gangster Edgar Simoneau

Doctor John Tamanakis

Nurse Gail Franklin

Harrison Howell John Munier

Special Dancers Diane Watts, Gloria Boisclair, Suzanne Merluzzi, Jane MacDonald, Lois MacDonald, Linnea Munier

Chorus Mary Ann Logan, Gail Franklin, Noreen Tappan, Ann Georgopoulos, Francesca Bosowski, Celia Shooman, Betty Callahan, Suzanne Merluzzi, Linnea Munier, Barbara Pudlo, Betty Ann Smith, Bonnie Bouley, Bud Annis, John Tamanakis, Herb Stancombe, Dick Poole, Paul Osgood, Al Tamulonis, Ross Lantaff


Bianca Lois Lane

Baptista Harry Trevor

Gremio (First Suitor) Dick Poole

Hortensio (Second Suitor) Paul Osgood

Lucentio Bill Calhoun

Katherine Lilli Vanessi

Petruccio Fred Graham

Haberdasher Al Tamulonis

First Servant John Liljeberg

Second Servant Ross Lantaff

Third Servant Paul Osgood

Singing Ensemble

Dancing Ensemble

Members of Orchestra

Clarence Farr

Carla DiCarlo

Joseph Pulvini

Virginia Birnie

Wayne Rollins

Edson Cross


J. M. Sign Company

Isidore's for use of hairpieces

VFW for use of their facilities for rehearals

Production and Technical Staff

Production Co-ordinator Harry Makris

Stage Manager Harry Strickland

Stage Crew Harold Tomasian, Dick Brockaway, John Logan, Carl Cudhea, Lennie Dobens, Joe Buteau, Maurice Buckley, Ernie Peterson

House Chairman Dorothy Marcek

Ushers Frances Peterson, Ky Stratoti, Nancy Laudien, Connie Harvey, Dorothy Marcek, Irene Archambeault, Lorraine Collins, Paula Peterson, Connie Simoneau, Joanne Garvey, Maureen Callahan, Linda Tamulonis, Linda Annis

Lighting Harry Strickland

Props Rachael Simoneau, Gail Vurpillat, Gloria Devine

Costumes Penny Tamulonis, chairman; Pauline Gill, Mrs. Paul Osgood, Arlene Annis

Prompter Claire Anderson

Make-up Betty Badeau, chairman; Claire Anderson, Fran Peterson, Lorraine Graham, Dorothy Marcek, Penny Tamulonis, Ky Stratoti, Mary Makris

Publicity Marcia Clement, Connie Harvey, Ernie Berube, John Liljeberg

Patrons Connie Harvey, chairman; Harry Strickland, Ruth Garvey, Faye Eckman, Helen Kiratsos, Mary McKinley

Tickets Bud and Arlene Annis

Concessions Helen Kiratsos

Program Ky Stratoti

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act I


Scene 1 Stage of Ford's Theatre - Baltimore

Another Op'nin, Another Show Hattie & Chorus

Dance Specialty Dancers

Scene 2 Corridor, Backstage

Why Can't You Behave? Lois Lane

Scene 3 Backstage Dressing Rooms

Wunderbar Fred Graham, Lilli Vanessi

So In Love Am I Lilli Vanessi

Scene 4 Road to Padua

We Open in Venice Ensemble

Scene 5 Town of Padua

Tom, Dick, or Harry Bianca & Suitors

I've Come to Wive it Wealthily in Padua Petruccio & Men's Chorus

I Hate Men Katherine

Were Thine That Special Face Petruccio

Scene 6 Backstage

Scene 7 Lilli's Dressing Room

Scene 8 On the Way to Church

I Sing of Love Bianca, Lucentio & Girls' Chorus

Scene 9 Outside the Church

Tarantella Dance Chorus

Kiss Me Kate Ensemble

Act II

Scene 1 Theatre Alley

Too Darn Hot Paul

Specialty DanceDiane Watts

Scene 2 Before the House Curtain

Scene 3 Petruccio's House

Where is the Life That Late I Led? Petruccio

Scene 4 Backstage Corridor

Always True to You Lois Lane

Scene 5 Lilli's Dressing Room

Scene 6 Backstage Corridor

Bianca Bill, Girls' Chorus & Specialty Dancers

So In Love Am I Fred

Scene 7 Front of Ford Theatre Stage

Brush Up Your Shakespeare First & Second Gangster

Scene 8 Baptista's House

Women Are So Simple Katherine

Finale Ensemble