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Desert Song (1967)

Nashua Senior High School
October 20 and 21, 1967

(A participating member of the Arts & Science Association)


by Sigmund Romberg & Oscar Hammerstein

with musical accompaniment by members of

Production Co-Ordinators Harry Strickland & Harry Makris

Musical Conductor Steve Norris

Assistant Musical Conductor Marie Cotterman

Dramatics Joanne Sawyer

Choreography Lorraine Graham

Pianist Robert Lind

Cast of Characters

Pierre Birabeau and Red Shadow Herb Haines

Margot Bonvalet Faye Eckman

Captain Paul Fontaine John Tamanakis

Benjamin Kidd Herbert Baron

Susan Linnea Stenquist

Azuri Mary Gibson

Sid El Kar Donald Smith

General Birabeau (Pierre's Father) Miles Cares

Ben Ali Richard Poole

Hassi Robert Lessard

Mindar Robert Frey

Clementina Terry Hauser

Edith Diane Watts

Sgt. La Verne David Pierce

Neri Irene Jefferson

Old Man Robert Jefferson

Specialty Dancer Rickie Lee Means

Women's Chorus Rachel Lebrun, Lorraine Joziatis, Celeste Lessard, Kay Goranson, Michele Guichard, Robin Soucy, Irene Jefferson, Marsha Clement, Virginia Mammone, Joanne Cares, Anne Georgopoulos, Donna Burns, Rita Goody, Julia Boucher, Margaret Tamulonis, Betty Callahan, Theresa Hauser, Judy Kolanek, Shirley Farland, Libby Deighton

Men's Chorus Ernest Fernandez, Al Tamulonis, John Liljeberg, David Wesley, Ernest Peterson

Legionaire Drill Squad Robert Frey, David Pierce, Robert Jefferson, John Liljeberg, Albert Miller, Ernest Fernandez, David Wesley, Al Tamulonis

Harem Girls Judy Kolanek, Donna Burns, Anne Georgopoulos, Rickie Lee Means, Shirley Farland, Lorraine Joziatis, Celeste Lessard, Rachel Lebrun, Virginia Mammone

Spanish Dancers Kay Goranson, Diane Watts, Judy Kolanek, Donna Burns, Virginia Mammone

Legionaire Girls Lorraine Joziatis, Robin Soucy, Margaret Tamulonis, Julia Boucher, Theresa Hauser, Celeste Lessard, Anne Georgopoulos

Native Dancers Judy Kolanek, Donna Burns, Rickie Lee Means, Diane Watts

Members of the Symphony Orchestra

Frederica Haynes

Judith Brown

Edward Clement

Hector Poulin

Robert Warren

Margaret Warren

John Mackey

Nancy Lutze

Eugene Marteney

Gloria Fraser

Peter Sudosky

Steve Narkunas

Bill Thayer

Heyward Williams

Donald Wallin

Marc Nadeau

and Albert LaFlamme


Special thanks is due to:

St. Nicholas for use of their hall

Arts & Science Certer for use of their facilities

Heat, Incorporated for use of their facilities

Isidore for wigs

Mason's Riding Stable

Production Staff

Production Co-Ordinators Harry Strickland & Harry Makris

Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Stage Crew Richard Pudlo & Angie Chouramanis & Robert Mills & Thomas Gill

Lighting Harry Strickland

Costumes Judy Kolanek, Virginia Mammone & Michele Guichard

Wardrobe Committee Penny Tamulonis, Claire Anderson, Pauline Gill, Beth Tebbetts, Linda Annis, Terry Hauser, Diane Watts, Betty Badeau & Gloria Sullivan

Publicity Ernest Fernandez, Herb Haines, John Liljeberg

Tickets John Liljeberg & Marie Cotterman

Properties Rachel Simoneau & Joan Frey

Dance Rehearsal Pianist Clare Farr

Patrons Committee Dorothy Marcek & Naia Florence

Refreshments Frances Bosowski

Ushers Dorothy Marcek, Chairman; Steven Cotterman, Pauline Gill, Gloria Devine, Linda Tamulonis, Ky Stratoti, Jo-Anne Garvey, Virginia Morgan, Diane Ware, Louise Simoneau, Paula Peterson, Elaine Bosowski, Sharon Strickland & Alexis Makris

Prompters Julie Makris & Barbara Chamondelay

Program Carol Poole

Cast Party Penny Tamulonis, Al Tamulonis & Linnea Stenquist

Symphony orchestra rehearsals for "The Desert Song" have been under the direction of Mr. Steve Norris

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1. Retreat of the Red Shadow in the Riff Mountains. Evening.

"Feasting Song" Sid & Riffs

"Riff Song" Riffs

"Ho, Bold Man of Morocco" Sid & Riffs

"My Margot" Paul & Soldiers

Scene 2. Garden of General Birabeau's home. That night.

"My Bennie" Susan & Edith

Scene 3. Drawing Room of General Birabeau's home. A few minutes later.

"Why Did We Marry Soldiers" Girls

"French Military Marching Song" Margot, Paul, Girls, & Legionaires

"Romance" Margot & Girls

"Then You Will Know" Margot, Pierre & Chorus

"I Want A Kiss" Margot, Pierre, Paul & Chorus

"It" Susan & Bennie

"The Desert Song" Margot & Red Shadow

Finale Azuri, Native Dancers & Ensemble


Scene 1. The Great Hall of Ali Ben Ali. Afternoon of the following day.

"My Little Castanet" Girls

"Brass Key" Clementina & Girls & Spanish Dancers

"Bold Women" Clementina & Bennie

Eastern & Western Love Red Shadow, Sid, Ali & Men

a) "Let Love Go"

b) "One Flower in Your Garden"

c) "One Alone"

Scene 2. A Corridor. A few minutes later.

Scene 3. A Room of the Silken Couch

"The Sabre Song" Margot & Red Shadow

"Love is a Two-Edged Sword" Margot

Scene 4. Edge of the Desert. The following morning a half hour before dawn.

"All Alone" Red Shadow & Riffs

Scene 5. Courtyard of General Birabeau's home. Two days later.

Reprise Ensemble