The Actorsingers

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Holiday Show (1969)

Nashua Sr. High School Auditorium
December 28, 1969

Webmaster's note:

This "show" is unlike the others recorded here, in that it was presented by many groups, and Actorsingers put on only part of the whole. However, "Holiday Show" has been appearing in our past productions lists for so many years that it would seem unfair to drop it out now. So, here it is.

-Jed (18 April 2001)


Sopranos Linda Annis, Irene Archambault, Betty Callahan, Barbara Collette, Ruth Garvey, Kay Goranson, Connie Harvey, Diane LaFrance, Frances Peterson,

Altos Fran Cerrier, Linda Drobinski, Pat Frost, Raelene Harris, Lorraine Joziatis, Dorothy Marcek, Linnea Strickland, Margaret Tamulonis

Tenors Tom Cole, Charles Ivonov, Coe Kevghas, Robert Lessard, William Morgan, Tom Murray, Don Smith

Basses Harold Annis, Robert Frey, Ernest Peterson, Al Tamulonis, Dave Pierce

Dancers Carol Croatti, Irene Desfosses, Shirley Farland, Irene Jefferson, Judy Kolanek, Celeste Lessard

Special Thanks to the following

Jack L'Ecuyer - Rehearsal Director & Pianist

Nancy Laudien - Rehearsal Director

Jo Millett and Bob Narkunas - Rehearsal Pianists

and to the many others too numerous to mention who made this show possible.

for Actorsingers

Director Anne S. Manousos

Pianist David Gidge

Choreographer Judy Kolonek

Holiday Show Production Staff

General Chairman Harry Strickland

Stage: Extension & Risers: Design & Construction Warren Tomasian assisted by Don Smith, Bob Lessard, Harry Strickland

Staging & Lighting Harry Strickland assisted by Warren Tomasian, Don Smith, Daniel Pelletier, Bob Lessard, Augie Stratoti, Bob Cotterman, Glen Gott

Sound Bob Cotterman


Program and Ticket Joe Sakey, Chairman, assisted by Ann Mitchell, Carl Cudhea, George Borski, John Liljeberg, Sally Morgan, Al Stymeist, Ray Gauthier, Ann Moody, Meri Goyette, Elsa Brown, Harry Strickland, Barbara Bartsch

Publicity Thelma Fancy, Bea Caldwell, co-chairmen, assisted by Irene Archambault, Connie Harvey, Ed Chacos, Dick Doyle, Frances Peterson

Lobby Mrs. Robert Ainscow, Chairman, assisted by Dorothy Goodwin, Linnea Strickland, Marcelle Houle, Ronald Menard

Cast Reception Mrs. William Fancy, Mrs. Dexter Cadwell, Jafar Shoja, co-chairmen, assisted by Mrs. Grant Goeble, Mrs. Crawford Fortesque, Mrs. Joseph Sakey, Mrs. Robert Bicknell, Mrs. William Zechel, Mrs. John Carter

The Actorsingers Executive Board

President Margaret E. Tamulonis

Vice President Thomas Gill

Treasurer Harold Annis

Recording Secretary Monique Caron

Corresponding Secretary Marcelle Houle

Directors Robert Cotterman, Robert Frey, Kay Goranson, Anne S. Manousos, Al Miller, Harry Strickland


Chairman Mrs. William R. Swart

Vice-Chairman Joseph G. Sakey

Vice-Chairman John A. Carter

Treasurer Archie M. Slawsby

Legal Advisor Robert B. Hamblett

Secretary Mrs. William Fancy

Executive Director Jafar Shoja

Stanley D. Anderson

Leo A. Bergeron

Mrs. Maurice E. Chagnon

Morton Goulder

Mrs. Charles H. Goyette

Kenneth E. Mayo

William W. Zechel

[Webmaster's Note: Nashua Choral Society, Granite Statesmen Chorus, Choraliers, Nashua Theatre Guild, and Nashua Symphony Orchestra portions of program have been omitted here.]

Actorsingers Program:
1. - Toyland (Victor Herbert, Arr. Edward B. Jurey)
2. - March of the Toys (Victor Herbert, Arr. Douglas MacLean)

Ensemble Program:
Three Songs for Christmas (Clare Grundman)
Hallelujah Chorus, from "The Messiah" (G. F. Handel)

Our sincere thanks to you for attending and we wish you all a Very Happy New Year

A Message from the Arts & Science Center

This performance shows, in a vivid way, the many separate groups who would find a base of operations in the new Center building. Rehearsal and try-out space, a place to make scenery, a more intimate place to perform and a place in which to celebrate after a performance are some of the spaces we hope to have. Classrooms, studios and shops are also high priority facilities.

After a test in 1968, and a full trial in 1969 involving five classes meeting ten times each, we know there is a great demand for tuition-free classes. We have a waiting list of several hundred names gathered from churches, Head Start and other sources, including recommendations from individuals. For 1970 we have a grant of $1500 from the New Hampshire Commission of the Arts to run free classes starting in January. The grant is subject to our matching this amount. The first five teachers have volunteered their time and the Center has found places for the classes as well as materials when required. The Commission Grant will double the scope and the number of classes and the number of places available for those who have not had these opportunities before. We would welcome all sorts of help in this project.

Finally, our new building will have larger exhibition spaces, places for groups to meet and administrative offices.

The Arts and Science Center is pleased to report that $1,019,935.00 has been pledged to date in the building drive. Land purchases in the Park Street area are proceeding successfully. The building program is dependent on the availability of the Central Fire Station. Hopefully, with continued understanding by the new Board of Aldermen, this will take place when the new Fire Station is built and the Central Station is vacated.

The Arts and Science Center has not and does not intend to request any city money.

We need your help. We need your support top make Greater Nashua a better place to live and work for everyone.

Thank You.

A message from the General Chairman

This has been a unique and rewarding experience for me, working with six different groups. I will admit it has not been without its trying moments, none of which, I hasten to add, were caused by any individual group. They have all been most cooperative and helpful in this joint venture.

Many of the problems were caused by the lack of a central location for the many rehearsals that have been held by all the groups-both individually and combined. Another major problem area is the lack of a modern versatile stage capable of handling groups with differing requirements in respect to lighting, staging and the many other aspects of production.

Many of these problems will be more easily solved when a facility such as the proposed Arts and Science Center is complete. Then there will be a central administrative center for scheduling events and rehearsals, storage facilities for the different groups for costumes, scenery, props, etc.

I think working with the Arts and Science Executive Board these past weeks has been a mutually rewarding experience. After listening to my many problems, the Board members are certainly keenly aware of the needs of the groups that have participated in this show.

I can attest to the devotion and hard work that they put into their efforts to make the Arts and Science Center a reality. These people truly deserve all the support we can give them.

Finally I would like to thank them for all the cooperation they gave me in this production, and to thank each and every group and individual for their cooperation in making this show possible.

Harry Strickland


The Arts and Science Center proudly presents in order of their appearance

Nashua Choral Society

Granite Statesmen Chorus


Nashua Theatre Guild



Nashua Symphony Orchestra

Finale (Entire Ensemble)

Master of Ceremonies Frank L. Harvey