The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Hello Dolly (1971)

Elm Street Auditorium
November 19-21, 1971

Director John Liljeberg
Choreographer Marcia Judkins
Music Director Steve Norris
Accompanist Jo Millett

The Cast

In Order of Appearance

Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi Joan Frey

Ernestina Fran Bosowski

Ambrose Kemper Stephen Juselis

Horace Vandergelder Ernie Berube

Ermegarde Raelene Harris

Cornelius Hackl Herb Haines

Barnaby Tucker Cliff Highnam

Minnie Fay Sandra Lozeau

Irene Molloy Anne S. Manousos

Mrs. Rose Betty Callahan

Rudolph Peter Chaput

Judge Joel Saren

Court Clerk Frank Bolen

Chorus Carol Goss, Barbara Lang, Eliese Atkins, Carol Croatti, Pamela Davala, Betty Callahan, Lorraine Graham, Diane La France, Marguerite Roberts, Bud Annis, Gene Blouin, Fran Peterson, Norm Beaudoin, Peter Saucier, Jerry Beaudoin, Carlene Walters, Maryann Thompson, Linnea Strickland, Ray Gual, Al Miller, Robert Frey, John Simon, Myron Kandra, Peter Chaput, David Pierce, Peter Walters, Stephanie Southworth

Dancers Peter Chaput, Myron Kandra, Jerry Beaudoin, Lorraine Graham, Linnea Strickland, Marguerite Roberts, Robert Frey, Peter Saucier, Peter Walters


Reed I Kathy Cooney

Reed II Michael Noyes

Reed III Maurice Buckley

Reed IV Gregory Hackney

Saxophone Dillard Collins

Trumpet I Dominic Ortolano

Trumpet II Steve Raby

Trombone Donald Wallin

Bass Mark Zechel

Drums Roger Delude


The Actorsingers would like to extend a special thanks to the following. Without their interest and support "Hello Dolly" would not have been possible.


Special Hair Stylist for Dolly: Ernest Fernandez

St. Joseph Hospital Shool of Practical Nursing

Nashua Federal Savings and Loan Association

Barbara Collette - The House of Charm

Church of the Good Shepherd

Hampshire Mosic Co., Inc.

Arts & Science Center

The Olde Open Trunk

Tom's Delicatessen

Gate City Electric

Miss Lynch Shop

D. F. Shea Co.

Heat, Inc.

Production Staff

Director John Liljeberg

Choreographer Marcia Judkins

Music Director Steve Norris

Accompanist Jo Millett

Production Co-ordinator Al Miller

Production Secretary Linda Annis

Stage Manager Harry Strickland

Assistant Stage Manager Warren Tomasian

Set Design Kay Kandra

Set Construction Harry Strickland, Warren Tomasian, assisted by Peter Labombarde, Dennis Chabot and Gene Blouin

Stage Crew Warren Tomasian, Don Smith and Frank Harvey

Costumes Margaret Tamulonis, Linnea Strickland, assisted by Grace Bolen, Millie Wright, Carolyn Marineau, Raelene Harris, Carol Goss, Trudy Deile, Joan Kenny, Ky Stratoti, Francis Peterson, Maureen Sutton, Judy Bausha and Anne Zanichowsky

Millinery Marcelle Houle, Carolyn Marineau and Margaret Tamulonis

Tickets Arlene and Bud Annis, assisted by Angela Tomasian

Lighting Harry Strickland

Spotlight Peter Labombarde and Dennis Chabot

Sound Robert Cotterman

Properties Irene Batch, assisted by Kathy McGreehan and Eileen Callahan

Publicity Joel Saren

Programs Daniel Pelletier

Program Photography Joel Saren

Cover Art and Poster Design Carol Goss

Ads Sara Gual and Millie Wright

Make-up Sylvia Lynch, assisted by Pat Mayo, Carol Goss, Sandra Highnam, Paula Stephenson, Millie Wright, Virginia Mammone and Pat Racine

Prompter Grace Bolen

Ushers Maureen Sutton, assisted by Joyce Adams, Sylvia Dobrowolski, Mr. & Mrs. Greg Andruskevich, Kay Goranson, Irene Archambault, Cindy Lessard, Dorothy Marcek, Richard Poole, Arthur Rockwell, Bill Dewey, Linda Tamulonis, Cheryll Jennings, Clementine Uetz, Mary Ann Twardosky, Janet Smith, Patricia Shoals, Candy Firth, John Sullivan and Lloyd Perreault

Refreshments George and Louise King, assisted by Bob Callahan, Sally Morgan, Helen Markarian, Al Tamulonis, Kathy Callahan, Doug Morgan, Bob Morgan, Bill King, Dave King and Steve Smith

Auditions Robert Frey, assisted by John Liljeberg, Marcia Judkins, David Gidge, Harry Tong and Ernest Fernandez

Patrons Thomas Gill

Membership Millie Wright

Rehearsal Pianist Robert Narkunas and Robert Frey

Photographer Dan Marcek

Cast Party Pat Mayo

TIME: 1890


Act One

Scene 1 New York City Streets and Grand Central Station

Call on Dolly Chorus

I Put My Hand In Dolly

Scene 2 Horace Vandergelder's Feed Store, Yonkers, New York

It Takes a Woman Horace, Cornelius, Barnaby and Chorus

Put On Your Sunday Clothes Dolly, Cornelius, Barnaby, Ambrose, and Chorus

Scene 3 Mrs. Molloy's Hat Shoppe and Street

Ribbons Down My Back Mrs. Molloy

Motherhood March Dolly, Mrs. Molloy and Minnie Fay

Dancing Dolly, Mrs. Molloy, Cornelius, Barnaby and Dancers

Before the Parade Passes By Dolly and Chorus

Act Two

Scene 1 Outside the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant

Elegance Mrs. Molloy, Minnie Fay, Cornelius and Barnaby

Scene 2 The Harmonia Gardens Restaurant

Waiters' Gallop Rudolph and Waiters

Hello Dolly Dolly, Rudolph and Waiters

Polka Ambrose, Ermegarde, Cornelius, Mrs. Molloy, Barnaby and Minnie Fay

Scene 3 A Courtroom

It Only Takes a Moment Cornelius and Mrs. Molloy

So Long, Dearie Dolly

Scene 4 The Feed Store

Finale Ultimo Horace, Dolly, Mrs. Molloy, Cornelius and Chorus