The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

The King and I (1977)

Elm Street Junior High School
May 6, 7 and 8, 1977

Cast in Order of Appearance

Captain Orton Stanley Polan

Louis Leonowens Scott Benjaminson

Anna Leonowens Michele Cacace

The Interpreter John McAllister

The Kralahome Norm Chapdelaine

The King Chuck Stein

Phra Alack Daniel Pelletier

Lun Tha Bill Nelson

Tuptim Gisele LaFrance

Lady Thiang Linda Marker

Prince Chululongkorn David Wood

Sir Edward Ramsey Bill Schultz

Princess Ying Yaowlak Laura Stier

Royal Wives Cathy Andruskevich, Grace Bolen, Maggie Clark, Carol Goss, Diane LaFrance, Robin MacDonald, Carole Nadeau, Denise Pelletier, Kathleen Rapsis, Linnea Strickland

Princes Jeff Christo, Jim Egan, Mark Phillips, John Scumniotales

Princesses Sheila Beauregard, Stacie Beauregard, Amy Goss, Thesa Ison, Lisa Peahl, Heather Porter, Brenda Rockwell

Palace Guards Carl Anderson, Dave Pierce, Jim Sharkey, Jay Zoller

Dancers Colleen Aldrich, Lisa Anderson, Pat Blem, Doreen Cafarella, Nancy Ermala, Pat Florio, Jim Frost, Anne Marie Marcella, Laura Murphy, Bill Williamson, Millie Wright


Violin I Anne Egan

Violin II Carol Todaro

Violin III George Szok

Cello Rowena Carr

Bass Dick Wharton

Flute Kathy Cooney

Clarinet Mark HanlanLeslie Pelletier

Trombone Don Wallin

French Horn Lucille Robbins

Trumpet Bob Robbins

Percussion Peter Marsh

Piano Laurie Heath


New Hampshire Consistory 32nd Degree

American Stage Festival

Phyllis' Bridal Shop

The Marry Shoppe

Continental's Academie of Hair Design - Hudson

A Special Thanks

The Actorsingers gratefully acknowledge the continued counsel and assistance of Atty. J. Russell Widener.

Production Staff

Production Coordinator Diane LaFrance

Stage Manager I. D. Batch, assisted by Dorothy Fontaine

Dramatics Director Donald E. Sisson

Music Director Adrith Provencher

Choreographer Paula Johnson

Accompanist Laurie Heath

Set Design Joan Marchie-Rearick

Set Construction Maurice Jennings (chairman), Wayne Vanier, Elsa Peterson, David Cooney, Erin Marchie, I. D. Batch, Al Anderson, Pat Blem

Set Painters Deborah Hoyt, Mary Gardiner, Janice Rockwell, Lorraine Graham

Lighting Design Bruce Tatro (chairman), Warren Tomasian, Carol Goss, Marc Bouchard, Frank Graham, Elaine Duhamel, John Graham

Sound Harry Goss (chairman), Carlos Vargas, Thomas Goss

Special Properties John Prendergast, Wayne Vanier

Properties Carol Farland, Joyce Adams (co-chairmen), Bob Haven, Carol Deschenes

Stage Crew John Liljeberg, George Marineau, David Chapdelaine, Deborah Hoyt, David Gidge

Costumes Raelene Liljeberg, Carolyn Marineau (co-chairmen); Carole Nadeau, Judy Bausha, Margaret Mosiman, Myra Florio, Eva Carraher, Marge Thompson, Margaret Owens, Mary Vargas, Inez Martinez, Joyce Jennings, Ronnie Bell, Mary Gardiner, Penny Tamulonis

Make-up Claire Anderson, Pearl Ware (co-chairmen), Terry Bernard, Linda Chosorwski, Lorraine Graham, Donna Hardy, Bob Haven, Louise Jackson, John Liljeberg, Jackie Maynard, Bette Murray, Sue O'Neill, Kathy Porter, Sharon Praeger, Christine Rockwell, Janice Rockwell, Dodie Slingerland, Lisa Ware

Hair Design Catherine Andruskevich (chairman), Fernand Croteau, Kathleen Andruskevich, Gisele LaFleur, Gail Goudreau, Muriel Nickleson, Robert McKenna

Tickets Chris Brunelle (chairman), Jewel Shanahan, Angela Tomasian

Publicity Daniel Pelletier

House Frances & Ernest Peterson (co-chairmen), Penny & Al Tamulonis, Kay & Ed Goranson, Anne & Frank Harvey, Barbara & Don Page, Francine Bunelle, David Brunelle, Rosemary Bolen, Carol & Bob Croatti, Susan & John Baird, Lois Brunelle

Concessions Fortunat LeBlanc (chairman), Alice LeBlanc, Michael McComas, Shawn Shanahan, Brian Reardon, Steve Bellis, Denise Sakelaris

Poster and Program Cover Wayne Vanier

Programs Linda and Joel Saren

Window Display Wayne Vanier

Patrons Al Tamulonis

Membership Linnea Strickland

Afterglow Sally Trombley, Roger Mailloux

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Auditions Missy Daniels (chairman), Donald E. Sisson, Adrith Provencher, Kathy Milbouer, Irene Archambault, Paula Johnson, Mary Gladys Orlyck


Act I

Scene 1 Deck of the Chow Phya, a ship that has sailed from Singapore, up the Gulf of Siam, and is now making its way slowly along the winding river that approaches Bangkok.

I Whistle a Happy Tune Anna, Louis

Scene 2 The King's Library in the Royal Palace

My Lord and Master Tuptim

Hello, Young Lovers Anna

Scene 3 Hallway of Palace

A Puzzlement King

Scene 4 The Schoolroom

Getting to Know You Anna, Royal Wives, Children

We Kiss in a Shadow Lun Tha, Tuptim

A Puzzlement (reprise) Prince, Louis

Scene 5 Anna's Bedroom

Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You? Anna

Something Wonderful Lady Thiang

Scene 6 The King's Library

Act II

Scene 1 A Reception Room at the Palace

Western People Funny Lady Thiang, Royal Wives

Scene 2 In the Garden

I Have Dreamed Lun Tha, Tuptim

Hello, Young Lovers (reprise) Anna

Scene 3 The Theatre Pavilion

(Ballet) Small House of Uncle Thomas

Scene 4 The King's Library

Song of the King King

Shall We Dance Anna, King

Scene 5 A Room in Anna's House

Scene 6 The King's Library

I Whistle a Happy Tune (reprise) Anna