The Actorsingers

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The Pajama Game (1981)

Elm Street Auditorium
May 15-17, 1981

Book by George Abbot and Richard Bissell

Words and Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

Based on Bissell's Novel "7&1/2 Cents"

"The Pajama Game" is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International, 119 West 57th Street, New York, N.Y.10019

The Cast

Sid Sorokin Sid Basha

Babe Williams Marguerite Daniels

Hines Al Bedard

Gladys Karen Price

Prez Maurice Coutu

Mr. Hasler James Freedman

Mable Betsy Larchian

Brenda Jayne Burnes

Mae Paula Lucier

Poopsie Maggie Schellenberg

Pop Stan Polan

Max Gary Dionne

Charlie Dave Pierce

Joe Michael Henry

Helpers Barry Livingston, Bob Santagata

Chorus Jackie Maynard, Karen Albini, Alicia Costaras, Ann Mitchell, Cathy Andruskevich, Susan Sullivan, Gloria Smith, George Gancarz, Kathy Mitchell, Lenny Valliere, Bill Lascalle, John Gancarz, Terry Toland, Barry Livingston, Joe Maguire, Mark Plamondon, Don Marchand, Kathy Raby, Elaine Pelletier, Linda Saren

Dancers June McIntosh, Paula Braccio, Laurel Queen, Sheila McLavey, Ruth Merriman, Cathy Sparango, Mary Martin, Larry White, Bob Santagata, Bill Tolle, Steve Tamulonis


Piano Margaret Bauer

Woodwind Dorothy Fitch, Maureen Amaral, Murray Collette, Nancy Tong

Trumpet Daniel O'Connell, David Bailey, Timothy Arthun

Trombone Nancy Wittacker, Bruce Randall

Percussion Larry Weissback

Guitar Frank Alfieri

Violin Carol Todaro, Jill Belan

Bass Ken Hanson


Mr. & Mrs. George Mauzy

The Brass Candlestick

Hannah Jack Restaurant

Production Staff

Production Managers Dan Pelletier, Mark Plamondon

Stage Manager Joel Saren

Director Harold Sullivan

Music Director Robert Babb

Choreographer Alexandria Carraher

Accompanist Margaret Bauer

Production Secretary Mary Lou Tackett

Set Construction JOHN MCALLISTER, Pat Auriemma, Cherie Williams, Chris Williams, Cec Williams, Paulette DeMuth, Brian Simons, Ed Wall, Connie Connor, Kathy Valliere

Set Painting Catherine Sullivan, John Sullivan, Chris Williams, Cherie Williams, Carl Andruskevich

Stage Crew Patrick Auriemma, Steve Keskinen, George Bourbeau, Paul Schellenberg, Al Erickson, Wendy Mahoney, Elaine Duhamel, Sally Trombley, John Liljeberg, Kathy Valliere

Lighting BRIAN SIMONS, George Szok, Rich Royer

Sound RAY TACKETT, Mark Maguire

Costumes SHIRLEY COUTU, Linnea McAllister, Penny Tamulonis, Jan Christie, Maureen White, Louise Basha, Betty Mcguire, The Cast

Properties FRAN BRUNELLE, Chris Brunelle, Paulette DeMuth, Judy Lipsky, Ann Gagnon, Donna Gagnon, Skip Mauzy, Doreen Ricard

Make-up PEARL WARE, JACKIE MAYNARD, Jan Christie, Mark Plamondon, Georgia Gancarz, Terry Toland, Kathy Raby, John Liljeberg, Fran Brunelle, Karen Albini


Tickets JOHN LILJEBERG, RAELENE LILJEBERG, Elaine Duhamel, Chris Brunelle, Jewel Shanahan, Sid Basha (group ticket sales)


House/Concessions Cynthia Solov, Nick Solov

Publicity PENNY TAMULONIS, Frances Peterson, Millie Wright

Cast Photographer Millie Wright

Cast Portraits Richard Croteau

Program & Poster Design Timothy Desclos

Afterglow Jan ChristieKathy Raby

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Membership Chairman Linnea McAllister

Patrons Chairman Joel Saren

Auditions Committee LINNEA MCALLISTER, Harold Sullivan, Robert Babb, Alex Carraher, Judy Bausha, Robert Peck, Lillian Goulet

We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the special help we receive from the LAKE STREET MILL, 51 Lake Street, Nashua. Mr. Rocky LaPierre, President, has graciously and most generously donated space to THE ACTORSINGERS for the storage of our properties.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 The Shop

"The Pajama Game" Hines

"Racing With the Clock" Girls & Boys

"A New Town" Sid

Scene 2 The Hallway

"I'm Not At All In Love" Babe & Girls

Scene 3 The Office

"I'll Never Be Jealous Again" Hines & Mable

"Hey There" Sid

Scene 4 The Picnic

"Her Is" Prez & Gladys

"Sleep Tite" Company

"Once A Year Day" Sid, Babe & Company

"Her Is" (reprise) Prez & Mae

Scene 5 Babe's House

"Small Talk" Sid & Babe

Scene 6 The Hallway

"There Once Was A Man" Sid & Babe

Scene 7 The Shop

"Hey There" (reprise) Sid


Scene 1 Eagle Hall

"Steam Heat" Gladys & Boys

Scene 2 Babe's House

"Hey There" (reprise) Babe

Scene 3 The Hallway

"Time Study Man" Hines & Girls

Scene 4 The Office

Scene 5 Hernando's Hideaway

"Hernando's Hideaway" Gladys, Sid & Company

Scene 6 The Office

Scene 7 The Hallway

"Seven and a Half Cents" Prez, Babe & Company

"There Once Was A Man" (reprise) Sid & Babe

Scene 8 Hernando's Hideaway

"The Pajama Game" (reprise) Company


A musical fable

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