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Barnum (1993)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 7-9, 1993

"The noblest art is that of making others happy..."
-- P. T. Barnum

The Company

(in order of appearance)

Barker Tom Camp

Miss Amy Beecher Patricia Lawrence

Phineas Taylor Barnum Ted Rusomanis

Charity Barnum Barbara Dandy-Lawler

Ringmaster Mark W. Soucy

Ringmaster's Sidekick Chris Ormsbee

Henry Wilton David Miller

Chester Lyman Eric Rochette

Joice Heth Bonnie Jean Allan

Amos Scudder Jay Lawrence

Waitresses Beth Thomson, Diane L. Nolan

Barnum's Daughters Lauren Meehan, Lauren Schneider

Sherwood Stratton Joshua Friedman

Mrs. Stratton Catherine Andruskevich

Tom Thumb Aaron Fair

Jumbo Shawn Koczarski

Julius Goldschmidt Paul Rothenberg

Jenny Lind Kathleen S. Meehan

Blues Singer Bernadette K. Boardman

Edgar Templeton Dan Pelletier

Humbert Morrisey Leo W. Kashian

James A. Bailey Mark W. Soucy

Brick Chorus Sarah Blanchard, Judy Bruno, Tom Camp, Chautauqua Carnahan, Demetrius Carnahan, Martha A. Daniels, Adrienne Fitzpatrick, Christin Marks, Lori Marks, Linda Pyke, Paul Rothenberg, Nancy Rudolph, Tracy Smith, Ellen St. George, Reno Walworth

Black & White Chorus Catherine Andruskevich, Christian Connolly, Judy Cortez, JoAnn DelGreco, Josh Friedman, Michelle Golden, Jeff Goumas, Neil Griffin, Giselle Hodgen, Leo W. Kashian, Jesse Kingston, Jay Lawrence, Pat Lawrence, Derek Levesque, Glen Levesque, Karen Martinelli, David Miller, Kathleen Palmer, Catherine Poulin, Eric Rochette, Kim Rose, Rosalind Sandler, Kerry Schneider, Jill Siegel, Colleen Starkey, Beth Thomson

Kids & Circus Chorus Stephen Ahearn, Monique Bedard, Jennifer Chamberlain, Judy Cortez, Michelle Deemer, Angela DelGreco, Stephen Dunhom,Amy Friedman, Jim Freedman, Cristine Goodan, Karen Goodno, Giselle Hodgen, Kris Holleran, Timothy L'Ecuyer, Tracy Lareau, Chris Leblond, Valerie Levesque, Rachel Lipman, Carol MacKenzie, Nancy MacKenzie, Ashley Meehan, Lauren Meehan, Emily McKie, Christopher Ormsbee, Catherine Poulin, Lindsay Richards, Mae Jean Roeder, Kerry Schneider, Lauren Schneider, Merritt Smith, Kelly Willman


(Program book did not list instruments; Jed is trying to remember them 5/27/04)

Bass? Gerry Adams

Tuba Matthew Behler

Guitar? Bob Daniels

? Dave Handrick

Trumpet Ann Kashian

Piano Wendy Mahoney

? Mitch Taliaferro

Drums Jon Teger

Conducted by: Jared Holland, Concertmaster

Production and Technical Staff

Producer Val Levesque

Dramatics Director Frances White

Music Director Jared Holland

Choreographer & Musical Staging J. G. Dussault

Assistant Drama Director Diane L. Nolan

Artistic Director & Set Designer James Travers

Stage Manager Dave Lewis

Set Construction Kevin Pelchat (chair), Dave Lewis, Dave Miller, Neil Griffin, Leo Kashian, Mike Cicalese, Jay Lawrence, Bill Koczarski, Taryn Lewis

Set Painters Diane Nolan, Joy Douville, Lisa Olson, Fran White, Becky Cashman, Betty Thomson, Beth Thomson, Bonnie Allan, Dave Lewis, Taryn Lewis, Amy Dowd, Leo Kashian, Catherine Poulin, Catherine Andruskevich, Andy Olesen, Kelly Dukars, Jack Coburn, Jared Holland, Bill Koczarski, Neil Griffin, Meghan Cashman

Lighting Design & Special Effects John McAllister, Dennis Schneider, David Kasok

Properties Dan Pelletier, Barbara Asketh

Sound Music Factory

Costumes Cynthia A. Knapton (chair), Penny Tamulonis, Doug Webster, Giselle Hodgen, Judy Cortez, Linda Pyke, Janet Bedard, Diane Clay

Hair Design Ron Hilse (chair), Students from Continental Academie of Hair Design, Inc.

Makeup Pamela Raymond (chair), Coreen Dodge, Judy Cortez, Lisa Picard, Jeannine St. Cyr, Carrier Pelchat, Toni Camp

Swedish Vocal Coaching Elsie I. Glantz-Tofer, Carleen Stevens

Tickets Betty Badeau, John Liljeberg, David Miller

Program & Ads Bernadette Boardman, Diane Nolan, Ted Rusomanis, Shawn Tumpney

Cast Co-ordinator Denis Brunelle

Audience Services & House Penny Tamulonis (chair), Circus Chorus

Publicity Catherine Poulin, Kerry Schneider, James Travers, Moe Coutu

Lobby Display & Poster Design James Travers

Afterglow Steve Brunelle, Denis Brunelle, Lillian Brunelle

Auditioning Board & Staff Kathy Lovering (chair), Elizabeth Cox, Ann Kashian, James Travers, J. G. Dussault, Jared Holland, Fran White, Diane L. Nolan, Susan Fucito, Michelle Golden, Beth Thomson

Dance Captains Beth Thomson, Michelle Golden

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Subscriptions Shirley Coutu

Membership List Kerry and Dennis Schneider

Newsletter Carrie Pelchat

The Producer also wishes to thank all those whose names were omitted or submitted too late to be included in this program.

Musical Numbers

Time: 1835 through 1880

The action takes place all over America and the major capitals of the world

Act I

Overture Orchestra & Chorus

There Is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute Barnum

Thank God I'm Old Joice Heth, Barnum & Chorus

The Colors Of My Life Chairy & Barnum

One Brick at a Time Chairy & Brick Chorus

Museum Song (Egress Song) Barnum & Chorus

I Like Your Style Chairy & Barnum

Bigger Isn't Better Tom Thumb & Jumbo

Jenny Lind Obligato Jenny Lind

Love Makes Such Fools of Us All Jenny Lind

Out There Barnum

Act II

Come Follow the Band Barnum, Ringmaster & Chorus

Love Makes Such Fools of Us All Jenny Lind

Black & White Chairy, Barnum, Blues Singer & Black & White Chorus

Black & White (reprise) Blues Singer

The Colors of My Life (reprise) Chairy & Barnum

The Prince of Humbug Barnum

Join the Circus Barnum, Bailey & Chorus

There Is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute (reprise) Barnum

Finale Full Company