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Follies (1995)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
May 5-7, 1995

Book by James Goldman

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

FOLLIES is presented in cooperation with Music Theatre International, 119 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10010
All copyrights reserved

Cast of Characters

(in order of appearance)

Ghosts Pamela Raymond, Evelyn Carrigan, Christine McIntyre, Tara Prairie, Jessica Bonner

Major-Domo Brian Schneider

Waiters Brian Mehlman, Stephen Ahearn, Barb Asketh, Steven Shaw

Sally Durant Plummer Joy Douville*

Francesca Christina Dowd

Joan Sterling Julie Johnston*

Vincent Craig Shawn Tumpney

Vanessa Craig Barbara Webb*

Photographer Derek Levesque

Dee Dee West Betty Callahan

John West James Freedman

Meredith Lane Gloria Smith

Martha Wheeler Margaret Tamulonis

Willy Wheeler Tom Camp

Hattie Walker Betty Thomson*

Christine Donovon Linnea McAllister*

Solange LaFitte Frances White

Jenny Nobile Marlene Wachtell

Rosemarie Stearns Rosalind Sandler*

Joe Sterns Dan Pelletier

Stella Deems Bernadette Boardman*

Max Deems Charles Emmons

Heidi Schiller Jean Dinwoodie

Chauffeur Brian Bell

Emily Whitman Nancy Ferman

Theodore Whitman Glen Grimard

Grace Denton Mary Naugle

Reporter Jason Woolf

Carlotta Campion Alene Bonner*

Phyllis Rogers Stone Barbara Dandy-Lawler*

Benjamin Stone David Ryan

Buddy Plummer Al Lindquist

Dimitri Weissman Barry Bonner

Roscoe Dennis Rothgaber

Young Phyllis Kathleen Palmer*

Young Sally Roxanne Blais*

Young Buddy Jared Holland

Young Ben Eric R. Eastman

Young Vincent Shawn D. Ingram

Young Vanessa Christine Finn*

Young Stella Beth Thomson*

Young Carlotta Karyn O'Bryant*

Young Hattie Kathy LeClair*

Young Rosemarie Marlene Wachtell

Young Christine Kim Rose*

Young Joan Linda Olmstead

Young Heidi Diana Levesque

Kevin Steven Shaw

* Members of Tap Ensemble

Loveland Ensemble

Cavaliers: Stephen Ahearn, Derek Levesque, Brian Mehlman, Brian Schneider, Steven Shaw and Jason Woolf

Dresden Dolls: Jean Dinwoodie, Christina Dowd, Kathy LeClair, Diana Levesque, Mary Naugle, and Karyn O'Bryant

Showgirls Christine Finn, Pamela Raymond, Kim Rose, Beth Thomson, and Marlene Wachtell

Blues Duo Rosalind Sandler and Marlene Wachtell

Dancing Ensemble Stephen Ahearn, Barb Asketh, Christina Dowd, Christine Finn, Shawn D. Ingram, Kathy LeClair, Derek Levesque, Brian Mehlman, Karyn O'Bryant, Kim Rose, Brian Schneider, Steven Shaw, Beth Thomson, Shawn Tumpney, Marlene Wachtell, Jason Woolf


Piano Soo Lee Martone

John Richmond

Bass F.J. Ventre

George Taylor

Guitar William Buonocore

Jeff Hoyt

Jim Peltz

and Joe Raia

Conducted by Kirsten Buonocore

[webmaster note: The program book did not list who played what instrument. Anyone who knows, please write Thanks!]


Ann Sorvari & Acton-Boxborough Regional High School

Paul Salsini & The Sondheim Review

Wayne Philip's Floral Studio

Richard Rusol

D. Ryan & Sons, Inc.

Diane Brainerd

Ron Dion

Cheryl Duchayne & WERS-Standing Room Only

John Murtagh

Lacey Long

Beth Ann O'Hara & The New Thalian Players of Notre Dame College

George Piehl & Stage One Productions

John McAllister

Dennis Schneider, and our ticket outlets

Production and Technical Staff

Producers John Liljeberg & Betty Thomson

Director/Choreographer Tony Salamone

Music Director Kirsten Buonocore

Asst. Choreographers Shawn D. Ingram & Betty Thomson

Cast Coordinator Valerie Levesque

Scenic Designer Shawn T. Tumpney

Costume Designer Tim Slaatte

Lighting Designer David Kasok

Stage Managers David Miller & Leeanne Ouellette

Stage Crew Dan Ouellette, Mike Ouellette, Kyle Lamerand, Tom Camp, Bob Lovering, Dave Lewis, Eric Rochette, Eve Haiman, Carolyn Clancy

Rehearsal Accompanist Soo Lee Martone

Set Construction Kyle Lamerand

Construction and Painting Crew Eve Haiman, Caroline Clancy, Karen Bernat, LeeAnne Ouellette, Dan Ouellette, Mike Ouellette, Tara Prairie, Cindy Knapton, Brian Schneider, Brian Mehlman, Shawn Tumpney, Tony Salamone, Alene & Barry Bonner

Properties Evelyn Carrigan, Karen Lewis, David Lewis, Judy Stone, Kevin Lawler (car design)

Poster Design Paul Rothenberg & Shawn Tumpney

Publicity Wendy Murphy, Karyn O'Bryant, Betty Badeau, Brian Mehlman, Dan Pelletier, Kathleen Palmer, Kathy LeClair, Laura Foti, Betty Thomson

Program Bernadette Boardman (Ads), Paul Rothenberg (Design & Layout), Ted Rusomanis (Research)

Make-Up Pamela Raymond, Donna O'Bryant, Toni Camp, Shawn D. Ingram

Hair Design Ellen Johnston & Rita Zaccone

Costumes Betty Thomson, Tony Salamone, Shawn Tumpney, Ron Dion, Julie Johnston, Catherine Andruskevich, Penny Tamulonis, Raelene Liljeberg, Cindy Knapton, Alene Bonner, Roxanne Blais, Diane Tyree, Ann Sorvari, Cindy Rich

Lighting Crew Stanley St.Onge, Dennis Schneider, John McAllister, Moe Coutu, Ann Kashian, Lori Ouellette

Sound Robert Bridge

House Amy Friedman

Concessions Kerry Schneider

Lobby Display/Photos Frances White

Cast Photos Paul Sandler

Tickets Betty Badeau, Val Levesque, Raelene Liljeberg

Afterglow Martha Daniels & Kathy Meehan

Auditioning Board & Staff Amy Friedman, Tony Salamone, Kirsten Buonocore, Shawn D. Ingram, David Kasok, Jim Ravan, John T. Liljeberg, Valerie Levesque, Wendy Murphy, Joy Douville, Fran White

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier


A Note From the Director

The original concept of "Follies" was inspired by the famous photograph of an elegantly appointed Gloria Swanson standing in the rubble of the demolished Roxy Theatre in New York. The juxtaposition of a remembered youth full of glamour and passion with the disillusionment and disappointment of real life became the theme of "Follies" and presented a forum for Stephen Sondheim to write some of his most haunting and beautiful music.

By setting an elegant reunion of former showgirls in an about-to-be-demolished, decaying theatre, Sondheim and collaborator James Goldman contrast the beauty of faded memories of youth with harsh realities of a life of unfullfilled dreams. Throughout the show, the appearance of 'ghosts', the young spirits of the characters, re-emphasize the existence of memories of youth. Thus the central conflict of the show; each character fights to return to a time of idealism, to regain the hope that was lost as they grew older.

The show's finale, entitled 'Loveland', presents the folly of love and how this ideal affects each character as the past and present collide. By realizing the folly of idealism and youth, the characters reconcile the issues of their past which enables them to face the present and the future.

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Setting: A reunion party on the stage of the Weissman Theatre - 1971

Act I

Beautiful Girls Roscoe and Company

Don't Look at Me Sally and Ben

Waiting for the Girls Upstairs Buddy, Ben, Phyllis, Sally, Young Buddy, Young Ben, Young Phyllis, and Young Sally

Listen to the Rain on the Roof Emily and Theodore Whitman

Ah, Paree Solange LaFitte

Broadway Baby Hattie Walker

The Road You Didn't Take Ben

Bolero D'Amour Vincent, Vanessa, Young Vincent and Young Vanessa

In Buddy's Eyes Sally

Who's That Woman? Stella Deems and the Ladies

I'm Still Here Carlotta Campion

Too Many Mornings Ben and Sally

One More Kiss Heidi Schiller and Young Heidi

Act II

The Right Girl Buddy

Could I Leave You? Phyllis


The Folly of Love

Loveland Ensemble

The Folly of Youth Scene: Bower in Loveland

You're Gonna Love Tomorrow Young Ben and Young Phyllis

Love Will See Us Through Young Buddy and Young Sally

Buddy's Folly Scene: Thoroughfare in Loveland

The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues Buddy and Blues Duo

Sally's Folly Scene: Boudoir in Loveland

Losing My Mind Sally

Phyllis's Folly Scene: Honky-Tonk in Loveland

The Story of Lucy and Jessie Phyllis and Male Dance Ensemble

Ben's Folly Supper Club in Loveland

Live, Laugh, Love Ben and Dance Ensemble

Coming Next Season
Summer: TBA
Fall: 40th Anniversary Show (A Celebration of Broadway)
Spring: The Best Little Whore House in Texas