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In The Spotlight (1995)

Edmund M. Keefe Auditorium
November 17-19, 1995

In The Spotlight
40 years of Song and Dance

IN THE SPOTLIGHT is presented in cooperation with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Narrators Ed Wall, Eric Rochette

Stage Manager Dan Pelletier

Tap Ensemble Marissa Giglio, Jackie Thornberg, Jocelyn Bernatchez, Kate Bliss, Martha Daniels, Kathy LeClair, Irene Stewart, Shawn Koczarski, Alene Bonner, Rachel Beckhardt, Shannon Murphy, Lauren Meehan, Tracy Smith, Judy Bruno, Barb Asketh,

Cast [Full listing, alphabetical. See musical synopsis for details.] Bruce Adams, Barb Asketh, Jan Bennicoff, Rachel Beckhardt, Jocelyn Bernatchez, Kate Bliss, Alene Bonner, Emily Brown, Judy Bruno, Tom Caron, Moe Coutu, Janice Cristofono, Martha Daniels, Laura DeCosta, Annie Ducharme, David Ducharme, Nancy Ferman, Marissa Giglio, Glen Grimard, Yvette Imbimbo, Lindsay Joy, Kristin Koczarski, Shawn Koczarski, Kathy LeClair, Derek Levesque, Rebecca Manheck, Ashley Meehan, Kathy Meehan, Lauren Meehan, Brian Mehlman, Shannon Murphy, Donna O'Bryant, Dan Pelletier, Matthew Perkins, Eric Rochette, Lauren Schneider, Jessica Schuler, Stephen Schuler, Tracy Smith, Georgia Snow, Irene Stewart, Jackie Thornberg, Shawn Tumpney, Ed Wall, Granite Statesmen Barbershop Quartet


Jon Teger Sebastian Salvo Sebastian Salvo

Production and Technical Staff

Co-Producers Valerie Levesque, Wendy Murphy

Director Barbara Marchesani

Assistant Director Tara Prairie

Choreographers Betty Thomson, Beth Thomson, Martha Daniels, Nora Gomez, Carrie Soucy

Musical Directors Sebastian Salvo, Jed Holland

Costumes Shirley Coutu, Ted Rusomanis, Annie Ducharme

Lighting Dave Kasok

Stage Manager Lee Ann Oullette

Set Designers Shawn Tumpney, Barbara Marchesani

Stage Crew Kyle Lamerand, Brian Schmitt, Bob Lovering, Dan Oullette, Mike Oullette

Set Construction Kyle Lamerand, Brian Schmitt, Eve Haiman, Lee Ann Oullette

Properties Diane Hinton

Poster Design Barry Bonner

Publicity Dave Olmstead, Pam Bliss, Dan Oullette, Kerry Schneider, Katie Poulin, Dan Pelletier, Wendy Murphy, Fran White

Program Bernadette Boardman, Ted Rusomanis, Barry Bonner, Tom Camp, Catherine Andruskevich

Make-up Toni Camp, Linda Annis, Jennifer Murphy

Hair Design Lisa Girard - Stop and Style, Ashby, MA

Sound Robert Bridge

Lighting Crew Ben Lembree, Jeff Wemmitt, John McAllister, Brian Schneider

Cast Photos Fran White

House Penny Tamulonis

Concessions Bill and Sue Koczarski

Tickets John Liljeberg, Betty Badeau

Afterglow Pam Bliss, Ilene Beckhardt, Diane Caron, Chuck Emmons, Norma and Harry Meehan, Kathy Schuler

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Auditioning Board Tony Salamone, Nora Gomez, Shawn Tumpney, Barry Bonner, Steve Norris, Barbara Marchesani

The Co-producers also wish to thank all those whose names were omitted or submitted too late to be included in this program.

Musical Synopsis


1955-1965 Audition Solos

Sweet Mystery of Life Jan Bennicoff

Sweet Little Buttercup Judy Bruno

Oh Foolish Fay Yvette Imbimbo

The Sun Whose Rays Kathy Meehan

Monarch of the Sea &

When I Was a Lad (HMS Pinafore) Matthew Perkins, Full Cast

Junior Actorsingers

Look to the Rainbow (Finian's Rainbow) Lauren Schneider

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Road to Oz) Lauren Meehan

Dancers: Jackie Thornberg, Kate Bliss, Jocelyn Bernatchez, Shannon Murphy, Marissa Giglio


Heather on the Hill (Brigadoon) Kathy Meehan, Bruce Adams

Adelaides's Lament (Guys and Dolls) Barb Asketh

Old Man River (Showboat) Glen Grimard

Heaven Hop (Anything Goes) Donna O'Bryant

Dancers: Jackie Thornberg, Kate Bliss, Shannon Murphy, Tracy Smith, Martha Daniels, Rachel Beckhardt Jocelyn Bernatchez, Lauren Meehan, Kathy LeClair

Anything Goes (Anything Goes) Alene Bonner, Tap Ensemble


Bosom Buddies (Mame) Irene Stewert, Tracy Smith

Hello Dolly (Hello Dolly) Alene Bonner, Adult Cast

Stranger in Paradise (Kismet) Kathy LeClair, Moe Coutu

I'd Do Anything (Oliver) Moe Coutu, Shawn Koczarski, Tracy Smith, Donna O'Bryant, Stephen Schuler, and the kids

Matchmaker (Fiddler on the Roof) Rebecca Manheck, Jessica Schuler, Lauren Schneider, Lindsay Joy, Kristin Koczarski

Gary Indiana (Music Man) Stephen Schuler

Lida Rose, Dream of Me (Music Man) Kathy LeClair & Granite Statesmen Barbershop Quartet

Wells Fargo Wagon (Music Man) Shannon Murphy, Yvette Imbimbo, Janice Cristofono, Kate Bliss, Georgia Snow, Marissa Giglio, Tom Caron, Dan Pelletier, Laura DeCosta, Emily Brown, Derek Levesque, Alene Bonner



June is Bustin' Out All Over (Carousel) Nancy Ferman, Judy Bruno, Full Cast

How to Handle a Woman (Camelot) Moe Coutu

We Kiss in the Shadow & I Have Dreamed (King and I) Matthew Perkins

Brush Up Your Shakespeare (Kiss Me Kate) David Ducharme, Ed Wall

You Gotta Get a Gimmick (Gypsy) Kathy Meehan, Donna O'Bryant, Martha Daniels


You Gotta Have Heart (Damn Yankees) Ed Wall with David Ducharme, Matthew Perkins, Shawn Koczarski, Eric Rochette, Tom Caron, Glen Grimard, Moe Coutu, Bruce Adams, Derek Levesque, Stephen Schuler

People (Funny Girl) Annie Ducharme

Honey Bun (South Pacific) Donna O'Bryant with Matthew Perkins


Hard Knock Life (Annie) Shannon Murphy, Janice Cristofono, Ashley Meehan, Rachel Beckhardt, Lauren Schneider, Kristen Koczarski, Marissa Giglo, Laura Decosta

Maria (West Side Story) Bruce Adams

Greased Lightning (Grease) Shawn Tumpney with Glen Grimard, Moe Coutu, Bruce Adams, Shawn Koczarski, Tom Caron, David Ducharme, Matthew Perkins, Derek Levesque, Brian Mehlman, Stephen Schuler


I Cain't Say No (Oklahoma) Martha Daniels

We're in the Money (42nd Street) Kathy LeClair, Tap Ensemble

I Want it All (Baby) Jan Bennicoff, Irene Stewart, Jessica Schuler

So Long, Farewell (Sound of Music) Kristen Koczarski, Lauren Schneider, Janice Cristofono, Shannon Murphy, Ashley Meehan, Stephen Schuler, Shawn Koczarski, and Cast

Curtain Call There's No Business Like Show Business Full Cast

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