The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

The King and I (1999)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
November 5-7, 1999

Music by Richard Rodgers
Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II


Captain Orton Bob Frasca

Louis Leonowens Garett Hawe

Anna Leonowens Barbara Lawler

The Interpreter Al Antosca

The Kralahome Vick Bennison

The King Ted Rusomanis

Phra Alack Jonathan Fisher

Lun Tha Chris Snell

Tuptim Shannon Murphy

Lady Thiang Kerry Schneider

Prince Chululongkorn Kevin Koo

Sir Edward Ramsey Bob Frasca

Princess Ying Yaowlak Krystal Muccioli

Princesses Rebecca Abbott, Noelle Andrick, Heather Antosca, Kerri Antosca, Lauren Friedman, Jackie Grilli, Laurie Guilmartin, Abby Hall, Jennifer Hauser, Katie Ierardi, Arielle Rawling

Princes Seamus Doyle, Tim Gilpatrick, Jim Ierardi, Michael Ierardi, Matt Morin

Royal Wives Cheri Birch, Bernadette Boardman, Amy Friedman, Pam Gilpatrick (Angel), Martha Daniels Holland (Eva), Mary Beth Lyon, Kathleen Meehan, Sally Nutt-Morger, Roz Sandler (Topsy)

Royal Dancers Alethea Evangelou, Tim Gilpatrick (Uncle Thomas), Kevin Koo (Simon of Legree), Liz Levander, Susan Rundbaken, Rachel Sandler, Lauren Schneider (Eliza), Katie Ward

Royal Attendants Andy Birr, Geoff Combs, Chuck Emmons, Eric Ford, Rob Gual, Brian Schmitt, John Tulipani


Flute Linda True

Clarinet Rochelle Goren

Trumpet Deb Walz and Craig Neth

Horn Vincent Duval

Trombone Michael Steadman

Violin Carole Todaro and Graham Berkeley

Viola Alex Neumann

Cello Andrew Demeusy

Bass Kathy Descheneaux

Percussion Steve Tamulonis

Piano Angela Olszta

Production Staff

Producers Michelle L. Guerette and John T. Liljeberg

Dramatics Director David Bouvier

Music Director Kathy Redman

Choreographer Betty Thomson

Cast Coordinator Raelene J. Liljeberg

Rehearsal Accompanist Angela Olszta

Tickets Betty Badeau and John T. Liljeberg; assisted by David Miller and Raelene J. Liljeberg

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider and Betty Badeau

Membership Kerry Schneider and Glen Grimard

Poster Design Chip Allen

Program Book & Ads Bernadette Boardman and Barbara Webb; assisted by the cast and crew

Program Book Layout Jed Holland

Cast Photographer Anna Townsend

Lobby Display Michelle Guerette

Building Supervisor Dan Pelletier

Permits Valerie Levesque

T-Shirts Sue Koczarski

Ushers Margaret Tamulonis & Heather Blondin, chairmen; Donna Abbott, Ann Antosca, Janet Christie, Carol Duffy, Bella Guilmartin, Corinne Hall, Leslie Hall, Mei-ying Koo, Derek Levesque, Patti Morin, Wendy Murphy, Gloria Smith, Ed Wall, Mary Wall

Concessionaires Corinne Hall, chairman; Donna Abbott, Ann Antosca, Carol Duffy, David Gidge, Bella Guilmartin, Leslie Hall, Elizabeth Ierardi, Sue Koczarski, Ed Wall, Mary Wall

Publicity Gary Locke, chairman; Tricia Baker, Charles Emmons, Amy Friedman, Dan Pelletier

Auditioning Board Barbara Webb, chairman; David Bouvier, Denis Brunelle, Carol Farland, John T. Liljeberg, Kathy Redman, Betty Thomson

Auditions Staff Catherine Andruskevich, Betty Badeau, Carol Courage, Joy Douville, Michelle Guerette, Martha Daniels Holland, David Kasok, Raelene J. Liljeberg, Valerie Levesque, Betty Lynch

Afterglow Valerie Levesque, chairman; Cindy Fisher, David Gidge, Corinne Hall, Elizabeth Ierardi, Donna O'Bryant, Brian Mehlman

Technical Crew

Stage Manager Steve Pierpont

Technical Advisor Kathy Lovering

Scenic Artists Michael Blondin, set designer; Chip Allen, Gay Gawron, Darren McAnus, Andy Woodfin

Set Builders, Painters, and Crew Dale Cooney, Maurice Jennings and Joe G. Flores, master carpenters; Ron Carbary, Larry Doiron, Louie Duhamel, Beth Fenske, Matt Frasca, David Gidge, Corinne Hall, Elizabeth Ierardi, Bob Lovering, Emily Lovering, Kathy Lovering, Madeline Lovering, Tara Prairie, Brian Schmitt

Lighting Dennis Schneider, designer; Melinda Barton, Josh Friedman, Amy Vollenback

Sound Glen Grimard and Craig Brennan, chairmen; Denis Brunelle, Eric Ford, Bob Frasca, David Kasok, Kevin Lawler, Stan Polan

Costumes Margaret Tamulonis and Raelene J. Liljeberg, designers & advisors; Cheri Birch, Heather Blondin, Stella Cooney, Shirley Couris, Sandy Farland, Pam Gilpatrick, Ellie Morrill, Judi Penkofski, Virginia Rowe, Elizabeth Strycharz

Make-up Jonathan Fisher, chairman; Fran White, consultant; Audra Arseneau, Marilyn Arseneau, Lorraine Cote, Karin Harvey, Elizabeth Ierardi, Donna O'Bryant, Steve Walsh, Barbara Webb

Hair Styles Charlene Hawe, chairman; Patti Muccioli, Beth Rousseau, Sue Siebert

Properties Tricia Baker and Barb Asketh, chairmen; Renee Fritchen, Tara Prairie, Betty Thomson, Andy Woodfin


Act I

Scene 1 Deck of the Chow Phya - approaching Bangkok

"I Whistle A Happy Tune" Anna, Louis

Scene 2 A Reception Room in the Royal Palace

"My Lord and Master" Tuptim

"Hello, Young Lovers" Anna

March of the Siamese Children

Scene 3 A Corridor in the Royal Palace

"A Puzzlement" King, Priests, Children

Scene 4 The Library

"Getting to Know You" Anna, Royal Wives, Children

"We Kiss in a Shadow" Tuptim, Lun Tha

Reprise of "A Puzzlement" Prince, Louis

Scene 5 A Corridor in the Royal Palace

Scene 6 Anna's Bedroom

"Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You?" Anna

"Something Wonderful" Lady Thiang

Scene 7 The King's Library

Finale of Act I King, Wives, Children, Royal Attendants

Act II

Scene 1 A Reception Room in the Royal Palace

"Western People Funny" Lady Thiang, Royal Wives

Scene 2 The Palace Gardens

"I Have Dreamed" Tuptim, Lun Tha

Reprise of "Hello, Young Lovers" Anna

Scene 3 The Theatre Pavilion

Ballet "Small House of Uncle Thomas"
Loving Friends Dance
The Journey
Simon of Legree
The Chase
Ice Skating Dance
Happy Reunion Dance
Tuptim, Royal Wives, Royal Dancers

Scene 4 The King's Library

"Song of the King" King, Anna

"Shall We Dance" Anna, King

Scene 5 A Street near the Royal Palace

Scene 6 A Corridor in the Royal Palace

Scene 7 The Royal Library

Reprise of "I Whistle a Happy Tune" Anna

Finale Entire Company