The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Grease (2001)

Collings Auditorium at Daniel Webster College
August 2-5, 2001

Book, music and lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

The Cast

Pink Ladies

Sandy Dumbrowski Emily Petrain

Betty Rizzo Jennifer Bowen

Marty Martha Daniels Holland

Jan Katie Muise

Frenchy Donna O'Bryant

Kari Levesque

Sara Minerd

Burger Palace Boys

Danny Zuko Steve MacKinnon

Kenickie Joe Vago

Doody Josh Geyer

Roger Jeff Goumas

Sonny Latieri Scott Katrycz

Ed Kelly

Kevin Letourneau

Students, Faculty, and Friends of Rydell High

Patty Simcox Kelly Mullen

Miss Lynch Barbara Webb

Cha-Cha DiGregorio and Radio Voice Megan McIntosh

Eugene Florczyk Jeff Caron

Vince Fontaine Eric Scheiner

Teen Angel and Johnny Casino Matthew Gregg

The Band

Conducted by Steven Damboise

Piano Drew Dhabolt

Guitar Stephen Scaffidi

Drums Rob McAlpine

Bass Erik Thomas


Cynthia Stewart, Stuart Chase, Ed Pottberg and Daniel Webster College

Betty Thomson and New Thalian Players

Dennis and Kerry Schneider

CenterStage Productions

Nashua High School

Linda-Jo Pettingell

Rachel Scott

We're grateful to Dennis Schneider and John McAllister who have once again made invaluable donations of equipment, expertise, and time.

Production Staff

Producers Michele Bossie, Scott Katrycz, Glen Grimard

Director Glen Grimard

Music Director Steven Damboise

Choreographer Lynne Wifholm

Rehearsal Pianist Drew Dhabolt

Asst. Director and Cast Coordinator Jeff Bernard

Stage Manager and Technical Coordinator Steven Pierpont

Set Design Steven Pierpont, Glen Grimard

Lighting Design David Nelson

Sound Design John Sauter

Publicity Matthew Gregg, Amy Friedman

Poster/Program Cover Richard Rothbell

Program Ads Barbara Webb

Program Layout Jeff Goumas, Jed Holland

Tickets Sara Desrosiers

House and Concessions Michele Bossie, Sara Desrosiers

Afterglow Lynne Wifholm

Set Construction Bonnie Brown, Steven Damboise, Larry Doiron, Tim Frost, Karen Harvey, Scott Katrycz, Steven Pierpont, Karl Wajda

Scenic Artists Jillian Cote, Lorraine Cote, Magen Dilworth, Sarah Dilworth, Ani Ducharme, Beth Fenske, Glen Grimard, Josie Hall, Rob Lancto, Jill Meyer, Janice Walsh, Lynne Wifholm

Auditioning Board Steven Damboise, Pat Delzell, Charles Emmons, Beth Fenske, Glen Grimard, Jed Holland, Lynne Wifholm

Auditions Staff Jeff Bernard, Michele Bossie, Amy Friedman, Scott Katrycz, Sara Minerd

Properties Crew Adam Carle, Bernadette Boardman

Costumes Martha Daniels Holland, Kris Dhabolt, Kari Levesque, Shirley Coutu, Diane Petrain

Make-up and Hair Design Maureen Daniels, Catherine Andruskevich

Stage Electricians Rob Lancto, Scott Katrycz, Geoff McAllister, John McAllister, Dennis Schneider, Joe Vago

The Show

Rydell High School Class of '59 Reunion

Alma Mater Miss Lynch

Alma Mater Parody Company

Cafeteria & School Steps

Summer Nights Sandy and Danny with Company

Those Magic Changes Doody and Company

Pajama Party

Freddy My Love Marty and Pink Ladies

Street Corner

Greased Lightnin' Kenickie and Burger Palace Boys

Cheerleader Practice

The Park

Mooning Roger and Jan

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee Rizzo

On Stage

Shakin' at the High School Hop Company

It's Raining on Prom Night Sandy and Radio Voice

School Gym

Born to Hand Jive Johnny Casino and Company

Front of Burger Palace

Beauty School Dropout Teen Angel and Choir

Drive-In Movie

Alone at the Drive-in Movie Danny and Burger Palace Boys

Jan's Party

Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen Doody and Roger with Company

There are Worse Things I Could Do Rizzo

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee (reprise) Sandy

Inside the Burger Palace

All Choked Up Sandy & Danny, Pink Ladies, Burger Palace Boys

We Go Together Entire Company