The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

A Chorus Line (2001)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
November 9-11, 2001

Conceived and originally directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett

Music by Marvin Hamlisch

Lyrics by Edward Kleban

Book by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante

Co-choreographed by Bob Avian

Produced by arrangement with, and the music and dialogue material furnished by TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, INC.

The Cast

Zach Eric Scheiner

Trisha Cindy Musekiwa

Butch Darius Harper

Vicki Rosalind Sandler

Roy Ryan Murphy

Lori Amanda Webber

Dawn Lauren Schneider

Maggie Lauren Cassidy

Mike Colin Bradbury

Connie Josefine Garcia

Greg Brendon O'Rourke

Cassie Jennifer Micarelli

Sheila Jennifer Bowen

Bobby Thomas Caron

Bebe Christine E. Frydenborg

Judy Beth Fenske

Richie Kevin Koo

Al Matt Gregg

Kristine Martha Daniels Holland

Val Tracy Smith

Mark Garett Hawe

Paul Bobby Fonacier

Diana Barbara Lawler

Opening Dancers Gail Angellis, Barb Asketh, Brittany Barbee, Lisa Bates, Christine Beauvais, Sarah Chadwick, Kathy Coughlin, Lauren Doucette, Emily Dowd, Darius Harper, Megan McIntosh, Ryan Murphy, Cindy Musekiwa, Rosalind Sandler, JC Simpson, Shawn Tumpney, Lynn Wifholm

Pit Chorus Alene Bonner, Mike Bradbury, Darius Harper, Rebecca Holbrook, Karlene Lemieux, Megan McIntosh, Lindsay Rinaldi


Piano Laurel Devino

Keyboard Jenn Westervelt

Reeds Arthur Bakopolus, Stephen Tousignant, Lou Garofalo, Mike Cooney

Trumpets Deb Walz, Craig Neth

Trombone Michael Steadman

Bass Gary Smith

Guitar Gerry Adams

Drums Brian Flahive

Orchestra Coordinator Deb Walz


Jerry Tellier

Laurence DePalma

James Tyler Galise

Brian Jou

Jon Paul Prunier

Preston Productions

Tameka Brown

Steve LoVerme

Boy Scout Troop 215

Turtlelane Playhouse

Rob Dionne

MAD Company

Jed Holland

and all others who helped produce this show

Production Staff

Co-Producers Rosalind Sandler & Chuck Emmons

Director/Choreographer Tony Salamone*

Co-Choreographer Beth Fenske

Musical Director Rob Goeke

Stage Manager Steve Pierpont

Set Designer Shawn Tumpney

Set Construction Steve Pierpont, Kimbell Fenske, Shawn Tumpney, Dennis Schneider, Chuck Emmons, Susan Cassidy

Set Painting Brian Lambert, Lauren Lambert, Kimbell Fenske, Leanne Ouelette, Maureen Keller, Roz Sandler, Brian Mehlman, Tony Salamone, Joy Douville, Ellie Morrill

Lighting Designer Dennis Schneider

Lighting Crew Dennis Schneider, Mike O'Keefe, Dave Kasok, John McAllister, Geoff McAllister

Finale Special Effects Mike O'Keefe

Swing Mirrors and Tilt Mirror Dennis Schneider, assisted by Steve Pierpont and Lou Duhamel

Sound Designer Dennis Schneider

Sound Technicians Kevin Lawler (chair), Tim Frost, Tony Zanichkowsky

Costume Coordinator Susan Cassidy

Costumes Cast and their families, Anne Salamone, Debra Tucker, Penny Tamulonis

Publicity Brian Mehlman (chair), Amy Friedman, Jed Holland, Deb Walz, Kerry Schneider

Props Fran White

Stage Crew Dennis Schneider, Catherine Andruskevich, Mike O'Keefe, Edward Pottberg, Lou Duhamel, Lee Anne Ouelette

Tickets John Liljeberg & Betty Badeau

Poster/Program Cover Fran White, Brian Mehlman, Tony Salamone

Program Ads & Content Bernadette Boardman, Barbara Webb

Photography Fran White

Lobby Display Joy Douville

Lobby Display Photography Paul Sandler

House (ushers) Glen Grimard (chair), Tina Brannen, Mei-Ying Koo, Sara Desrosiers, Tara Prairie, Jill Meyer, Jeff Caron

Rehearsal Pianists Jenn Westervelt, Jed Holland

Rehearsal Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Afterglow Roz Sandler

Auditioning Board Barbara Webb (chair), Tony Salamone, Shawn Tumpney, Betty Thomson, Catherine Andruskevich, Rob Goeke, Jed Holland

* Special thanks to Kari Weinzel and Tameka Brown for additional choreography

Synopsis of Musical Numbers

I Hope I Get It Full Cast

Resume Paul

I Can Do That Mike

And Richie, Judy, Val, & The Line

At the Ballet Sheila, Bebe & Maggie

Sing Kristine & Al

Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen Montage The Line

Nothing Diana

Dance Ten, Looks Three Val

The Music and the Mirror Cassie

One Rehearsal Zach & The Line

Tap Combination Lori & The Line

What I Did for Love Diana & The Line

Bows - One Finale The Line

Please refrain from smoking in the building. Also, please do not have food or drink in the auditorium. No photography or recording allowed during the performance. Please do not join other audience members in kick lines during the production. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.

There is no intermission during this performance.