The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (2004)

Edmund Keefe Auditorium
May 7-9, 2004

Book by Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert

Music & Lyrics by Frank Loesser

Based upon the book by Sherman Mead

Originally presented by Cy Feuer and Ernest H. Martin
in association with Frank Productions


(in order of appearance)

J. Pierrepont Finch Ken Golner

Book Voice Jim Maloney

Gatch Peter Lasonde

Jenkins Patrick Verhoff

Johnson John Hickey

Matthews Jeff Sullivan

Peterson Dan Swanson

Tackaberry Michael Ryder

J.B. Biggley Bill Mauser

Rosemary Pilkington Cara Yara

Bert Bratt David Cote

Smitty Alene Bonner

Bud Frump Dan Merriman

Coffee Man Rich Glynn

Ms. Krumholtz Andrea Kalinowski

Miss Jones Janice Yancy

Mr. Twimble Gary Evans

Hedy La Rue Carolyn Elliott

1st Scrubwoman Pat Gage

2nd Scrubwoman Kari Levesque

Benjamin Burton Daniel Ovington Rich Glynn

TV Announcer John Hickey

Company Policeman Thaddeus Bell

Mr. Wally Womper Glen Grimard

Female Ensemble Lynda Aramento, Laura Babb, Sarah Bonfanti, Beth Fowler, Pat Gage, Susan Larkin, Kari Levesque, Linnea McAllister, Rosemary Quinlan, Cheryl Stocks

Male Ensemble Thaddeus Bell, Rich Glynn, John Hickey, Peter Lasonde, Jim Maloney, Michael Ryder, Jeff Sullivan, Dan Swanson, Patrick Verhoff

Pirate Dancers Lynda Aramento, Laura Babb, Thaddeus Bell, Sarah Bonfanti, Carolyn Elliott, Pat Gage, Rich Glynn, Susan Larkin, Peter Lasonde, Jim Maloney, Rosemary Quinlan, Michael Ryder, Dan Swanson, Patrick Verhoff

The Orchestra

Musical Director/Conductor David Fordyce

Reed Instruments Diane Fallier (alto flute, flute, piccolo, clarinet, alto saxaphone); Don Conley (oboe, english horn, clarinet, tenor sax); Suellen Davidson (clarinet, e-flat clarinet, alto sax, bass clarinet); Dale McDonald (clarinet, bari sax, bass clarinet)

Trumpet Craig Neth, Deb Walz

Trombone Ed Stromski

Bass Bob St. Cyr

Percussion John Taylor

Piano Kei Maeda

Special Thanks to

Retro Office Interiors, LLC

Bob Born, Manchester, NH

Danielle Melillo (knitting instruction)

John Sauter

Dave Nelson

New Thalian Players for Sound Equipment

Dennis Schneider foe sound advice and reference

Tony Salamone, for creating the artwork for Finch's advertising presentation

Production Crew

Producer Glen Grimard

Assistant Producer Rick Brooks

Director Catherine Z. Andruskevich

Choreographer Pat Bonfanti

Stage Manager Brian Burke

Assistant Stage Manager Ellie Morrill

Technical Director Michael O'Keefe

Lighting Design Craig Brennan

Costume Committee Susan Lewis*, Lorraine Louie, Penny Tamulonis, Alene Bonner

Set Design Annie Ducharme, Catherine Andruskevich, Ellie Morrill

Sound Design Dan Murphy

Sound System Operator Dan Murphy*, Jeff Bernard

Cast Coordinator Ellie Morrill

Orchestra Coordinator Deb Walz

Lobby Design/Display Michael Ryder

Tickets Jackie & Howie Levine

Properties Lorraine Ludwicki and Jeff Caron

Photography Michael Ryder

Master Carpenter Warren Tomasian

Set Construction Paul Brown, Larry Doiron, Mike O'Keefe, Ellie Morrill, Tim Frost, Geoff McAllister, John McAllister

Scenic Artist Annie Ducharme

Set Painters Annie Ducharme*, David Ducharme, Ellie Morrill, Kerry Schneider, Linda Belanger, Catherine Andruskevich, Glen Grimard, Cheri Birch, Samantha and Zacharay Ducharme, Ken Lopes

Stage Crew Ellie Morrill, Tara Prairie, Kerry Schneider, Lou Duhamel, Josh Friedman, Sal Lizard, Mike Puder, Mitch Fortier, Geoffrey McAllister, Liz [we need her last name]

Gadfly John McAllister

Hair & Make-Up Kathleen Goreham, Amanda Wilford, Dustin Daws

Program Sal Lizard, Michael Ryder, Jennifer Spaziani

Publicity Glen Grimard, Jennifer Spaziani, Rick Brooks

Poster Art and Design Susan Larkin (artist), Jennifer Spaziani (layout), Glen Grimard

House Brett Mallard*, John Flynn, Susan Ellett, Bill Cote, Lorraine Cote, Jen Mallard, Jon Fisher, Cindy Fisher, TJ Davis, Brandon Mallard, Josh Gagnon, Barb Asketh, Steve and Debbie Grass, Penny Tamulonis, Ed and Mary Wall, Raelene Liljeberg, Bernadette Boardman, Glen Grimard

Concessions Bernadette Boardman, Linda Lizard, Pam Bruckman, Steve and Debbie Grass, Rick Brooks

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Webmaster Jared Holland

Afterglow Kathy Lovering, Tom Ritrovato, Deb Ritrovato, Bob Lovering, Aaron Ritrovato, Emily & Madeline Lovering, Val Psoinos, Lanéa Ritrovato

Rehearsal Security & Refreshment Dan Pelletier

Show T-shirts Glen Grimard, Rick Brooks, Cara Yara

Audition Staff Danielle Melillo, Sarah Bonfanti, Laura Babb

Audition Board Jeff Bernard, Jon Fisher, Wendy Melillo, Bernadette Boardman, Catherine Andruskevich, David Fordyce, Pat Bonfanti

Audition/Rehearsal Pianist Kei Maeda

Permits Amy Friedman

* denotes chairperson

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 Exterior of the World Wide Wicket Company building

How to Succeed Finch

Scene 2 Reception area of the World Wide Wicket Company

How to Succeed (continued) Finch

Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm Rosemary

Scene 3 Outer Office and Secretarial Pool

Coffee Break Frump, Smitty and Ensemble

Scene 4 The Mail Room

The Company Way Twimble and Finch

Scene 5 Outer Office and Secretarial Pool

The Company Way (reprise) Frump, Twimble and Ensemble

Scene 6 Outer Office and Secretarial Pool

A Secretary Is Not a Toy Bratt, Frump, mIss Krumholtz and Ensemble

Scene 7 The Elevator Landing

Been a Long Day Smitty, Rosemary, Finch and Ensemble

Been a Long Day Frump, Biggley and Hedy

Scene 8 Outer Office and Secretarial Pool

Grand Old Ivy Biggley and Finch

Scene 9 Finch's First Office

Scene 10 Gatch's Office

Scene 11 A corridor in the WWW Co. building

Paris Original Rosemary

Scene 12 Executive Club

Paris Original (continued) Rosemary and Female Ensemble

Scene 13 The Elevator Landing

Scene 14 J.B. Biggley's Office

Rosemary Finch and Rosemary

Act I Finale Finch, Rosemary and Frump

Act I Finale

Finch, Rosemary and Frump


Scene 1 Outer Office and Secretarial Pool

How to Succeed II Smitty, Rosemary and Female Ensemble

Scene 2 Finch's New OFfice in the Advertising Department

Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm (reprise) Rosemary

Scene 3 J.B. Biggley's office

Love From a Heart of Gold Biggley and Hedy

Scene 4 Executive Washroom

I Believe in You Finch and Male Ensemble

Scene 5 J.B. Biggley's Office

Scene 6 The set of a Television Show

The Pirate Dance Ensemble

Scene 7 Outer Office and Secretarial Pool

Scene 8 The Elevator Landing

Scene 9 J.B. Biggley's Office

Brotherhood of Man Finch, Womper, Miss Jones and Ensemble

Scene 9A A corridor in the WWW Co. building

Scene 10 Outer Office and Secretarial Pool


The Company Way Ensemble

2004/2005 Season

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Jesus Christ Superstar
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