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Man of LaMancha (2004)

Keefe Auditorium
November 5, 6, 7, 2004

Webmaster's note 7/11/2005: All personnel listings have now been transcribed from the program book. Anyone who worked on the show and is not listed here, please let me (Jed) know at so that I can include you!

The Cast of Man of LaMancha

Captain of the Inquisition Mike Bradbury

Sancho Panza/Manservant Joey Tomacchio

Miguel De Cervantes/Don Quixote/Alonso Quijana David White

Understudy Mark Schwartzberg

Governor/Innkeeper Bob Frasca

Duke/Dr. Sanson Carrasco/Knight of the Mirrors Jim Maloney

Jose Doug Dion

Tenorio Barry Doucette

Paco Paul Metzger

Juan John Flynn

Anselmo Mark Schwartzberg

Pedro William Farquhar

Guitar Player Dan Murphy

Aldonza/Dulcinea Joelle Morris

Innkeeper's Wife Jennifer Mallard

Fermina Ashley Love

Antonia Elizabeth LaFlamme

Housekeeper Catherine Andruskevich

Padre David Fordyce

Barber Barry Doucette

Moorish Girl Catherine Andruskevich

Guards Alexander Ouellette, Sean Duffy

Prisoners/Moorish Dancers Denise Wheaton, Susan Larkin

Prisoner in the Hole Shaina Schwartz

The Orchestra

Conductor and Music Director Michele Henderson

Flute/Piccolo Jason Brooke

Oboe Don Conley

Clarinet Suellen Davidson

Guitar Jim Emmond

Bass Trombone Erik Fecke

Percussion Rob Fogg III

Horn Nannette Foley

Bassoon Chris Juhasz

Tympani Marie Mendelow

Trumpet Craig Neth

Trombone Ed Stromski

Bass Bob St. Cyr

Percussion John Taylor

Horn Stephen Taylor

Trumpet and Orchestra Coordinator Deb Walz

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Preston Productions for their generous technical support

HP Corporation for their Matching Gifts

Rene & Judy Gagnon

Highland Tool Co.

Jimmy Karafelis

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Palace Theatre

George Piehl

Taggart Ice

The Production Crew

Director Brett Mallard

Music Director Michele Henderson

Choreographer Brandon Mallard

Producer Lou Duhamel

Co-Producer Michael Ryder

Stage Manager Steve Harper

Assistant Stage Manager Jeff Bernard

Technical Director Dennis Schneider

Lighting Design Dennis Schneider

Sound Design Michael O'Keefe

Set Design Brett Mallard, Dennis Schneider, John McAllister, Michael O'Keefe

Scenic Artist Jillian Mitchell

Costume Coordinator & Design Elizabeth LaFlamme

Costumes Elizabeth LaFlamme, Lorraine Louie, Sue Ellett, Ashley Love

Properties JoAnn Duhamel (chair), Elizabeth LaFlamme, Tom Ritrovato, Maureen Keller

Publicity Michael Ryder (chair), Kerry Schneider, Lou Duhamel, Chuck Emmons, Dan Pelletier, Amy Friedman, Cindy Smith

Tickets Howie Levine (chair), Jackie Levine, John & Raelene Liljeberg, Betty Badeau, Dave Miller

Set Construction Larry Doiron, Warren Tomasian, John McAllister, Lou Duhamel, Craig Brennan, Geoff McAllister

Set Painting Jillian Mitchell, Ellie Morrill

Photography (Show/Headshots/Web) Michael Ryder

Lighting & Sound Crew Ricky Brooks, Josh Friedman, Kevin Lawler, Barbara Lawler, Tim Frost, Mark Keller

Stage Crew Mike Puder, John McAllister, Rich Glynn, Geoff McAllister

Makeup & Hair Jennifer Mallard (chair), Ashley Love, Elizabeth Monsees, Elizabeth LaFlamme, Emily Farina

Poster Design Jared Holland

Program Layout Sal Lizard

Program Cover, Content, Ads, Editing, Production Michael Ryder

Orchestra Coordinator Deb Walz

Combat Coaches Lauren Cassidy, Paul Metzger

Concessions Jon and Cindy Fisher, Chuck Emmons, Emily Lovering, Kathy Lovering, Madeline Lovering

Lobby Design & Construction Michael Ryder [think it means "Lobby Display", not the Lobby itself]

Ushers Ellie Morrill (chair), Lynda Aramento, Barbara Asketh, Bernadette Boardman, Janet Christie, Chuck Emmons, Sandy Farland, Joe Flores, Janet Flores, Glen Grimard, Val Levesque, Raelene Liljeberg, Brian Mehlman, Donna O'Bryant, Deb Ritrovato, Tom Ritrovato, Lanéa Ritrovato, Cindy Smith, Cheryl Stocks

Permits Lou Duhamel, Martha Holland, Pam Bruckman

Subscriptions Kerry Schneider

Web Master / Logos Jared Holland

Afterglow David Boulia, Ken Boulia,

Rehearsal Security & Refreshments Dan Pelletier

Show T-shirts Lynette Rawding (production), Michael Ryder (design),

Audition Board Chuck Emmons (chair), Brett Mallard, Michele Henderson, Brandon Mallard, Cheryl Stocks, Alene Bonner, Jeff Rapsis

Audition Helpers Joshua Friedman, Kari Levesque, Terri O'Keefe, Ann Siglin, Jared Holland, Laurel Devino

Actorsingers Board Bob Frasca (president), Howie Levine (VP), Pam Bruckman (Corresponding Sect), Cheryl Stocks (Recording Sect), David Miller (Treasurer), Directors: Martha Daniels Holland, Rich Glynn, Michael Ryder, Jon Fisher, Brett Mallard, Donna O'Bryant

Scene List

Various places n the imagination of Miguel de Cervantes

The prison vault

A road in La Mancha

Windmill Scene

The prison vault

The main room of a country Inn

The prison vault

A country church in La Mancha

Alonso Quijana's house

The kitchen of the Inn

Dulcinea letter scene

The stable of the Inn

The Barber's crown

Courtyard of the Inn

Knighting ceremony

Interior of the Inn

The prison vault

A road in La Mancha

Moorish Gypsy camp

Courtyard of the Inn

Confronting the Knight of the Mirrors

The prison vault

Bedroom of Alonso's house

The prison vault

Musical Numbers

Setting: The common room of a stone prison vault in Seville, Spain, at the end of the sixteenth century.

Overture Orchestra

Man of LaMancha Cervantes, Sancho

It's All the Same Aldonza, Muleteers

Dulcinea Cervantes, Muleteers

I'm Only Thinking of Him Antonia, Padre, Housekeepers

We're Only Thinking of Him Antonia, Padre, Housekeeper, Dr. Carrasco

I Really Like Him Sancho

What Does he Want of Me Aldonza

Little Bird, Little Bird Cervantes, Sancho

Barber's Song Barber

Golden Helmet of Mambrino Cervantes, Sancho, Barber, Carrasco, Muleteers

To Each His Dulcinea Padre

The Impossible Dream Cervantes

The Combat Cervantes, Sancho, Aldonza, Muleteers

The Dubbing Innkeeper

Knight of the Woeful Countenance Innkeeper, Sancho, Aldonza

The Abduction Aldonza, Muleteers

The Impossible Dream (Reprise) Cervantes

Man of LaMancha (Reprise) Cervantes

Moorish Dance Cervantes, Sancho, Gypsies, Moorish Dancer

Aldonza Aldonza

A Little Gossip Sancho

Dulcinea (Reprise) Aldonza

The Impossible Dream Cervantes, Aldonza

Man of LaMancha (Reprise) Cervantes, Sancho, Aldonza

The Psalm Padre