The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

The Actorsingers organization will award scholarship assistance to a graduating High School senior who has a history of active participation in Actorsingers sanctioned shows or functions. This scholarship seeks to encourage the ideals of Volunteerism and Community Service. In giving this scholarship to a student who has exhibited a continuous striving for excellence and knowledge, the Actorsingers will honor the lives of numerous members who passed on while still active in the organization.

The award will be made in recognition of the student's interest in the Arts and Community Service and will be given regardless of need. The award will be weighted toward theater arts education, but not exclusively. It will be awarded regardless of a student's choice of institution.

The amount of the award will depend on the Scholarship Fund Balance, but will be a minimum of $250. The number of scholarships and the amounts to be awarded will be determined by the Board of Directors. The award may not be given every year. The Selection Committee, comprised of the President, the Treasurer, a Board member and two Community Leaders appointed by the Board, will recommend to the Board the number and amount of the scholarships to be awarded in any year.

Reminder: The application deadline is MAY 1st each year. 

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For further information about the Scholarship Program, call or write the Scholarship Program Chair:

Actorsingers Scholarship Program
attn Chuck Emmons
PO Box 91
Nashua, NH 03061


Prior scholarship recipients

2020 Scholarships given in loving memory of Irene Archambault, Frank Graham and BettyThompson

Irene Archambault - Actorsinger Life Member (1973), performer, committee member for publicity, house, costumes, usher.

Frank Graham - Performer, lighting, concessions, audition committee member, usher between 1961-1985, husband of life member Elaine Graham

Betty Thomson - performer, choreographer, ass’t director, committee member for make-up, sets, props, costumes, publicity, and audition board between 1991-2001. Well-known and active in community theater circles between Nashua and Concord. Mother of Life Member, Beth Fenske

Scholarship recipients - Casey Ingraham,  Shayla Melanson, Jonah Savage 


2018 Scholarships given in loving memory of Dustin Blake, Stephen Norris and Warren Tomasian

Dustin Blake - Performed in 2015 teen  production of “Footloose”

Stephen Norris -  Music Director for 16 shows over the span of 30 years starting in fall of 1965 with Kiss Me Kate (first show in Keefe Auditorium) during the period of transition between the James Wood/Artistic Director period through to 1994’s Here’s Love.

Warren Tomasian -  Life Member since 1980.  worked backstage on shows sets starting with South Pacific 1966 (Stage Manager) for next 30 plus years he did props, lighting, stage crew, eventually focusing on set construction.

Scholarship recipients  - Samuel Cohen, Mackenzie Goodwin, Kendyl Trott  


2017 Scholarships given in loving memory of Lorraine Graham, Dorothy Marcek and James Wood

Lorraine Graham - Life member since 1978

Dorothy Marcek - Life member since 1977

James Wood - Founding member 1955

Scholarship recipients  - Hayleigh Scott, Vienna Scott 

2016 Scholarships given in loving memory of Grace Bolen, Joshua Friedman and Francesca Bosowski

Grace Bolen:  Life member since 1984, director, actress, costumer between late ‘60’s-late ‘80’s

Francesca Bosowski:  Life member since 1980, actress, production helper from mid ‘60’s to early ‘80’s

Joshua Friedman:  Life member since 2011, actor, stage hand from early ‘90’s to early ‘10’s

Scholarship recipient - Selena Miller 

2015 Scholarships given in loving memory of JoAnn Duhamel and Janet Christie
Hannah Benson
Sean Fitzgerald
Alexander Hebert
Andrew Holland
Jacob Lavoie
Sean Vigeant
2014 Scholarships given in loving memory of Jo Millet and Robert Daigle

Braley Degenhardt
Patricia Mahoney


No Scholarship applicants

2012 Scholarships given in loving memory of Kay Goranson and Ed Wall

Bailie de Lacy
Jennifer Ryder
Katrina Fisher

2011 Scholarships

Noelle Bourquard
​Anthony Clement
Catherine M. Wenrich
Sarah C. Wenrich

2010 Scholarships given in loving memory of Rebecca Tabat

Chelsea de Lacy
Renée Lawrence
Emily Pipilas

2009 Scholarships given in loving memory of Margaret (Penny) Tamulonis

Molly Bruckman
Laura Franzini
Benjamin Levine
Lanéa Ritrovato
Brittney-Lynne Stanley
Ryan Warren

2008 Scholarships given in loving memory of John Liljeberg and Betty Badeau

Alex Goleman
Jacqueline Grilli
Madeline Lovering
Michael O'Keefe
Shaina Schwartz

2007 Scholarships given in loving memory of Betty Callahan, Mary Wall, and Jared Nathan

Dana Barsoian
Richard Brooks
Daniel Crawford
Emily Ellett
Daniel Pipilas
Michael Spaziani
Taryn A. Trebach

2006 Scholarships given in loving memory of Albin Tamulonis

Ian Birch
Deborah Bonfanti
Nancy Bruckman
Lauren Cassidy
Michael Ierardi
Emily Lovering

2005 Scholarships given in loving memory of Maurice (Moe) Coutu

Mark Coutu
Mark Keller
Jen Sassak

2004 Scholarships given in loving memory of Mary Beth Lyon

Sarah Bonfanti
Rachel Dudley
Allison Duhamel
Kristen Koczarski
Rebecca Ann Redman

2003 Scholarships

Douglas Clougher
Kevin Koo
Geoff McAllister
Aaron Ritrovato
Alanna Vancor

2002 Scholarships given in loving memory of Barry Bonner

Marianne Bradley
Lauren Schneider

2001 Scholarship given in loving memory of Abby Hall

Elizabeth DeJulio

2000 Scholarship given in loving memory of Barbara Page

Shawn Koczarski (2000)

1999 Scholarship

Shannon Murphy (1999)